Zurich — The city in the northeast of Switzerland is located on the shores of Zurich Lake. The capital of the German-speaking canton zurich. The largest city in the country — Agglomeration has about 1.09 million people. Cloten International Airport.

Zurich is the largest city of Switzerland with a population of 360 thousand. residents, the capital of Canton Zurich (the country’s population itself with more than 1.1 million inhabitants). The city lies on both shores of the Limmat River, which originates from Lake Zurich and flows in the northern direction. This is a charming old city, full of renovated historic buildings and narrow hilly alleys. Zurich – Also one of the world’s leading financial centers for capital re-export, the largest (along with London) the gold market, one of the largest foreign exchange markets and bank loans markets.

373 646 people

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Zurich: Excursions and Events

Zurich – Bus and Walking Excursion – 2 h. thirty

Being in the largest Swiss city (more than 1 million inhabitants), you will see the embankments of the Zurich Lake («Mile insurance», Zurichorn), FIFA headquarters, Park Dudder, District of Zurich Polytechnic Institute (ETH) and Zurich University, Banheafstrasse – «Champs Elysees» Zurich, Cathedral Fraumyunster with stained-glass windows of Stegal, Cathedral Grosmünster with Romanesque Pit, Naberezhnye River Limmat, Weinplatz, Wasserkirche, Church of St. Peter.

Zurich (on foot) – 2 h

You are ready to go through the largest city of Switzerland? Then in the way! You will visit Banhefstrasse – «Champs Elysees» Zurich, Cathedral Fraumyunster with stained-glass windows of Stegal, Cathedral Grosmünster with Romanesque Pit, Naberezhnye River Limmat, Weinplatz, Wasserkirche, Church of St. Peter.

Moving from Zurich by car with a guide comments to Lucerne – Little city fairy tale receiving 5 million. tourists fascinated by the beauty of Lucerne Lake – Cradle of the Swiss Confederation. Sightseeing tour of the city: Lucerne Lake, KKL Congress Center, Kappelbrück – The oldest wooden bridge in Europe, which is a symbol of alfalfa, an octagonal tower of Wasserurm, standing in the middle of the river, Jesuit Church

Rhine Waterfall – 4 h

Moving by the car from Zurich with the comments of the guide to the Rhine Waterfall – the most powerful and wide in Europe. Visiting a waterfall, boat riding.

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Pedestrian walks in the city, visiting various attractions that this city is so rich

Transport features Zurich

Taxi: Buses: car rental: Airports: Zurich International Airport is located in Cloten, about 10 km in northeast from Zurich. This is Switzerland’s largest airport; In 2007, the Zurich airport ranked 10th in Europe and the 18th in the world of passenger traffic (about 20,000,000 passengers per year). It is the main hub (knot airport) airlines Swiss International Air Lines and Lufthansa and Swiss Airport Belair Airport, Edelweiss Air and Helvetic Airways. Airport is connected by high-speed trains with Central Zurich Station and buses with Erlikon district in the north of the city.

Airport is also in Dowendorf, but it is used only by military aviation.

Railway: Central Station Zurich — This is the key railway station of Switzerland. It accommodates 16 long-distance trains platforms and 10 platforms for high-speed city trains. Through the Central Station, high-speed international trains Eurocity, Cisalpino, TGV, IntercityExpress and CityNightLine are held. On the day from the station, about 870 compositions are departed.In Zurich itself, there is a network of high-speed city trains like S-Bahn, which, besides the city, covers the territory of Canton Zurich and part of the Canton Aargaau. In addition to the Central Station, there are several railway stations in the districts of the city: Erlikon, Staderhofen, Hardbruck, Tifenbrunnen, Ange, Vipikingen, Altshtten, Vipkingen.

Ports: In Zurich, water transport, funicular and even there is a cable car between Adlisville and Felseneg .

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