Zschoner Mühle Restaurant-Museum in Dresden

Forced by a few days residents of Dresden, We began to look for how to entertain. From our Hotel to the city center where the main attractions are concentrated, it was about 15-20 minutes by public transport, but it is necessary to go on foot for another 30 minutes. With a two-month-old child, ride the center every day is not the most successful idea – it needs to be regularly feeding, disgusting, and he sleeps almost all the time. To carry out such a babble, we would have to drag with you to the center stroller and bag with things that not very convenient. Despite this, we still risked and implemented such a trip in the penultimate day, but about it next time. We tried to find entertainment next to the areas of Cotta (Cotta) and BriceNitz, where we lived. As it turned out, one of the most famous sights of this area of ​​the city is a restaurant-museum Zschoner Mühle.

You can get to this place in several ways. The first, the easiest – call a taxi or get there to your car if you have a non-drinking driver. &# 128578; Second – use public transport. It is necessary to get to the tram to the area of ​​Cotta, and then transfer to the bus 92 and drive to the Ockerwitz final station, and on the foot of 5-7 minutes. We decided to take advantage of the third way and from our hotel Zum Nussbaum went on foot. To go through the city blocks it seemed boring, and we went on the path "for the local", which goes through the park-reserve Zschoner Grund.

In the reserve, a small river Zschonerbach is flowing – this is the left influx of Elbe. River although not big, but very stormy – water noise is heard throughout the forest. It is known that in the XV-XVI centuries, four water mills were built on this river, but one of them cannot be found so far and its location is unknown. The second mill – Weltemühle – was built in 1566 and now there is a hotel Hotel Villa Weltemühle Dresden, in which anyone can settle. The third mill, Schulzenmühle, is first mentioned in 1540, but was built before, in the XV century. Now this is a restaurant.

After about an hour of unhurried walk through the reserve, we came to the fourth mill Zschonermühle, as built in about the XV century.

Zschonermühle is a very popular location in the Germans – we met several tourist buses, and the parking lot is not empty.

A little about the history of this place. The first mention of the mill belongs to 1570, but it was built around 1400.

From 1812 to 1984 Mill owned the Kunz family (Kunze), which opened a restaurant operating from 1812 to 1912 here. Despite the fact that the mill and restaurant did not work since 1912, the buildings and the mill managed to save. In 1985, Thomas Winkler (Thomas Winkler) acquired this place to use it as residential premises for himself and his friends.

But after the fall of the Berlin Wall, it was decided to open a restaurant again. Since then, the territory is referred to, the buildings are restored and today Zschonermühle is a popular tourist holiday destination and local population.

Now on the territory of the former mill, a restaurant, museum and even a puppet theater.

In addition, there are more interesting thematic excursions about how baked bread a hundred years ago, when the power of water was used for the work of the mill. All participants can try to smash the flour and bake bread with your own hands.

The interior of the restaurant is maximally reconstructed in the spirit of the beginning of the XIX century. In total, there are 5 halls in the restaurant, but despite quite a large number of places, there are few free tables. Prices in the menu are not democratic, but fed tasty.

Zschoner Mühle - Dresden Restaurant-Museum

About the taste of German beer and wine does not have to speak – it is better to try once than a hundred times to hear and read. By the way, the Zschonermühle restaurant is among the top ten Dresden restaurants.

The main attraction of Zschoner Mühle is certainly the wheel of the mill. They are even two! One small and modern.

And the second and there is a renovated mill. Wheel diameter 6.2 meters. During excursion, tourists demonstrate how it works.

After a tasty lunch in the restaurant, we went through the reserve back to the hotel.

This time we chose a specially equipped pleasure walkway, and did not make your way through the deburs.

Museum-Restaurant Zschoner Mühle is better to visit the excursion group to nourish the flour, try freshly baked bread and learn the legends of this place.

Zschoner Mühle - Dresden Restaurant-Museum

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