Zoookhronic. The escape

This is a story about an elephant in the dishwasher. Or rather, about an elephant … in bakery. In the early 1920s, the campaign and nosed holder of the Click of Mavrik escaped from the Moscow Zoo on Kudrinskaya Square. According to the memories of workers, the elephant poured the hedge and went bang. Reaching the nearest bakery, Mavrik broke the showcase and began to bun. The fog running soon returned home.

This is not the only case of escape from the Moscow Zoo: In 1929 it was necessary to catch Barca, and in the 60s group of penguins who escaped from a poorly equipped Woller, found 2 km from the zoo, on the steps of the Krasnopresnensky department store.

He just wanted to ride

Non-Ravy Fosts Noted Andean Point Bear Juan from Berlin Zellic. In 2004, he was overpowering, which was supposed to interfere with his communication with visitors, on a log. Then Juan overcame the fence and began to wander through the territory of the zoo. In vain, frightened visitors scattered – the bear just decided to ride the carousel. Conducting ministers whipped Juan and raised back to the cage. By the way, the glasses are almost vegetarians and, unlike white and brown bears, do not imagine danger.

A bad example of contagious

Orangutang Ken Alain from Zoological Park in San Diego – Fugitive Recidivist. For his life, he flew three times. In the intervals, the smart primacy taught his relatives, as with the help of scrap, left by workers, or tree branches can be opened in cells. The newspapers of the 80s called him "Hairy Hudini" (read the article about Gudini present), and local pensioners formed a fan club – "Band Orange". Free animal migrations stopped only after the zoo spent $ 45,000 for new security measures.

On the electrophores as on Liaan

Freedom-loving far relative Ken Alena ran away from Zoo in the Japanese city of Sendai in 2016. Chimpanzee by nickname Chacha, leaving his cage, headed for electrical pipelines to the neighboring area. For safety reasons, the zoological park was immediately closed, and the children did not produce children from the nearby school until the Choch smells in the winter. Because of the chimpanzees without electricity, more than 1,800 houses were. A few hours later, the shot of a soothing monkey was soaked and delivered back to the place of residence, returning peace and light to the families of Senda.

Organized escape with the participation of third parties

In 2012, three kangaroo was held in a safari park near Frankfurt. As newspapers wrote, animals not only ran together, but also took advantage of their "accomplices". Michael Hoffmann, Deputy Director of the Park, said that Fox and Kaban helped the silent to get out to the will. Own aviary kangaroo was safely left through the scattered fox pit. And from the walls of Safari, animals were supposed to escape according to the kindly dumped boar tunnel. However, one of the silent launched in the garden and was immediately caught. The second fugitive is overtaking too soon. But the third made itself felt, periodically appearing in the field of view of people, but never was caught.

Lover Hero

Witnesses of an amazing event in 2013 were employees of the Nandankan Zoo in India. In one of the days of the rows of their pets voluntarily decided to replenish the Bengal Tiger. They were moving feelings for female. Newcomer placed her. And, it would seem, the story ended with Happy Endom. But no. The desire for freedom won love, and a month later, the lover’s hero left his striped beloved again alone. Tiger climbed to the six-meter wall of the cell, ripped the wire mesh and was.

What does jealousy lead

Zoookhronic. The escape

Rhino Satar from the Australian Warrior in Mojto in 2008, after six years of stay in Zoo, suddenly demolished the fence of his aviary and escaped. 18-year-old male came to such rage because of jealousy. When his female was sent to a younger rhino, the two-tone jealous was unable to cope with feelings. However, after a day he returned. Myself.

Does not say, but exactly flies

To prevent the disappearance of birds from Vancouver Zoo, they cut the wings. But still, as it turned out, the method does not give 100 percent results. So, in 2009, the parrot Ara, named Chore, somehow got out of the zoom. And only after three days in the engine of his car found the usual Canadian family. Apparently, the chore did not sit all this time, folded the wings, as it was discovered by more than 32 km from the place of escape.

Flying Penguin?

In 2012, the penguin escaped. Towning in the Tokyo water park, a one-year-old animal was able to overcome the four-meter wall and, without frightened by barbed wire, move in the water of the Tokyo Bay. Apparently, Humboldt Penguin felt well in spacious waters, where he was as many as three months, while in May was not caught by the staff of the water park.

Star of social network

March 28, 2011. PE in the Zoo of the New York Bronx: the will of the Egyptian Cobra, whose bite is deadly for a person. Six days, the zoo staff searched for a snake, residents of the surrounding houses checked their mattresses before going to bed, and bloggers were happoted (although then seven years ago, no one else knew this word). A week later it turned out that all this time Cobra just hid in the dark corner of the terrarium, escaping the eyes of cleaners. And did not crawl anywhere. Since Twitter users have already brought a blog on behalf of the snake, it was decided to give her a name. By popular voting, the people’s favorite became a mound.

Zoookhronic. The escape

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