Zoo in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Zoo is one of the oldest parks of the island, officially he was opened in 1871 on the slope Peak Victoria And since then practically has not changed. One of the distinguishing features of the zoological park is that the entrance to it is completely free, with the bonus you also fall into the Botanical Garden. Our hotel in Hong Kong Garden View Hong Kong was practically opposite the entrance to the zoo, so we simply had to look into it. Zoo in Hong Kong is located in the Central Metro Station area, not far from the famous tram stop, you can safely use pointers to Peak Tram as a guide to get to the zoo. If you walk too lazy, then from Central MTR can be reached by bus routes 3B, 12 or 13. Hong Kong Zoological Garden consists of two huge parts, the total area of ​​which more than five hectares. The park is open every day from 6 am to 10 pm and in its territory, in addition to animals and plants there are several large children’s and sports grounds.

On the territory of the Botanical Garden of Hong Kong, you can see over 1000 different species of tropical plants, but one type of vines, all the value is visible, of course, only to professionals, ordinary visitors is difficult to distinguish from each other.

There are many birds in the park, but animals seemed to us, not enough for such territory.

For example, there are no large mammals, such as elephants or giraffes – Hong Kong Zoo is simply not adapted to their placement. But the Hong Kong Zoo is proud of his recimate collection.

And it is proud of so much that this is the only place in the park, where we met the staff of Zoo, and we went through both territories and held here a total of more than three hours.

In addition to various types of monkeys and lemurs in the Hong Kong Zoo, a lot of birds, and if you believe Wikipedia, then about 600 species. For them, huge cells and special pavilions are arranged here.

To be honest, we are a little disappointed by the Hong Kong Zoo – such a huge territory, and very few animals. Although, maybe we just chosen the inspection route and to see many animals, it was necessary to go different way.

Zoo in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Botanical Garden

The park is located on the slope of the peak of Victoria, so you have to overcome constant descents and lifts that in high humidity conditions very much. Places are global construction work, so sometimes the way runs through a construction site.

Despite the fact that in the Zoo of Hong Kong, there are not a lot of animals, it is great and, important, free place where you can have a pleasant time and take a break from the mad rhythm of the city. But you should not wait for something unusual from him, otherwise disappointed.

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Well, of course, you should not look for a Panda in Hong Kong Zoo, because they are in the famous Sound Park, and not here! Pleasant walks on Hong Kong!

Zoo in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Botanical Garden

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