Zoo in Gdansk (Olive)

Zoo in Gdansk – the largest in Poland, so traveling along the north of the country we just could not come there. After sightseeing Gdynia We went to the district of Gdansk – Oliva, where the zoological park is located. By the way, in some sources you can meet the name "Olive Zoo". This zoo is not just big, it is huge – its area of ​​more than 120 hectares! From the center of Gdansk to it can be reached by buses or trams that go to Oliva. Information about public transport routes can be learned on it is site. Tourists traveling by car, get to the Gdansk zoo is even easier: they need a district of the city of Oliva, and then, almost every 100 meters, you will be accompanied by pointers. Or you can simply use the navigator, specifying the address UL. Karwieńska 3, Gdańsk – Oliwa.

Parking is located a few hundred meters from the entrance to the park and costs 2 zł per hour (0.48 Euro). The zoo works daily from May to September from 9.00 to 19.00, from November to February from 9.00 to 15.00, in February and October – to 17.00. The entrance stops an hour before closing.

Already on the way from parking to cash desks Zoo you can see several animals. our-speaking visitors some names can cause a smile. &# 128578; How do you think are called these strange man-and?

Everything is simple – it "Cattle steppe" From Hungary. &# 128578;

Price "Adults" Tickets in the Gdansk Zoo – depends on the season from 15 zloty in winter (3.4 euros), up to 35 zł in summer (8 euros), you can also buy a separate ticket here Varosik "Kolejka Retro", which for 30-60 minutes will roll you on the park.

The price of this pleasure is 9 or 12 zł (2-3 euros) depending on the length of the route.

Until the closure of the zoo remained only two hours, and we had experience in huge Zoo Poznań, so we decided this time to care their feet and ride on this train.

First, everything was very good: until the next train, which is sent along the long route only 10 minutes.

In addition to us, the departure was waiting for another family of four adults. We looked at the sea cats in the pond and began to wait for the waste "Kraiki".

But a few minutes before the start, completely unexpectedly the entire trailer filled the crowd of small children who were brought to a school tour. We had two options: go on this train with children, or wait for 45 minutes next. We decided to go. Oh. If we knew what awaits us, it would be better than 45 minutes walked through a mini-zoo, which is almost immediately at the entrance, and waited the following flight. &# 128578;

Zoo in Gdansk. Poland. Miejski Ogród Zoologiczny W Gdańsku - Oliwie.

Babies jumped throughout the train from the window to the window with phones and cameras and constantly hallery. We were afraid that Max was scared and rolled off hysteria, but he sat completely calmly and looked at all this disgrace. &# 128578;

We even shot a little on video:

As you understand, take a picture of anything with an infant child, when a crowd of children jumps around you, it is almost impossible, so we didn’t have a lot of successful frames. &# 128578;

But maybe it and for the better – we just enjoyed the trip, as far as it was possible in a school excursion. &# 128578; Although, of course, some animals managed to photograph.

We have already seen dwarf hippos in Krakow Zoo, And in Gdansk, the appearance of these charming creatures on some visitors brings romantic feelings. &# 128578;

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