Zoo and aquarium in Chang May

Zoo in Chang May, Probably even more popular than zoo in Bangkok. And all thanks to two large pandas, which today are a business card Changmya zoo. Two of these stunning bear were specifically brought from China in 2003, and not so long ago they had a cub, which is an extremely rare event from large pandas.

Zoo in Chang Mai Pretty Young – It was founded in the middle of the 20th century. The founder of it – European on origin, at first simply contained on the site of various animals. After the death of the owner, the collection crossed the city, and the municipality allocated a very good territory under the zoo at the foot of Mount Duck Supet. Today you can see elephants, giraffes, tigers, hippopots, crocodiles, many types of monkeys, rhinos, and even Kangaroo and wild dog Dingo. Many enclosures in the zoo have special pedestrian walkways for visitors, which allows you to walk among the animals, stroking them.

Another attraction of the zoo is a giant aquarium that is made as a labyrinth of tunnels. The total length of the tunnels for which visitors walk, is equal to 133 meters. In total in the aquarium about 20,000 marine inhabitants.

The zoo works without days off from 8 am to 5 pm. During the day at a special platform, presentations with animals, for example, sealer show.

Zoo and Aquarium in Chang May Sights of Chang-May Tour Profit Guide

Zoo is on the outskirts of Chang May, therefore forgive me there to get to the taxi and rent a car. Additionally, in the case of a car rental, you will have to pay 50 baht for parking.

Cost of visiting Zoo: 100 baht full ticket, 50 baht – Children, but for access to the cell with large pandas is charged – 200 BAT.

The cost of visiting aquarium: 520 baht with an adult, 390 baht – for a child.

Zoo and Aquarium in Chang May Sights of Chang-May Tour Profit Guide

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