Zlatibor – Paradise for all senses

"Who did not attend Mount Zlatibor, he does not know what a healthy place", – so wrote the Serbian poet Ivan Duchich at the beginning of the 20th century. Place is really amazing. Let’s start with the name. The meaning of the word Zlatibor our-speaking person will understand and without translation – Golden Bor. According to the geographical essence of his Zlatibor – a plateau, towering above sea level by 700-1500 meters. Coniferous trees are dominated from vegetation at such heights – pines, fir, fir. Therefore – Bor. And gold because the trunks of pines and their needles have a unique golden shade. Imagine what kind of evivo! This species is found only here and more anywhere in the world. Largely lower deciduous – oaks, birch, linden, ash. There are also luxurious christian meadows, covered with a juicy carpet of flowers and grass, most of which are medicinal.

Serbs are very preferable to this fabulous beauty, chop, for example, the trees on the Zlatibor’s stricter is forbidden, they are on the contrary every year new land. Buyno growing greens and the complete absence of industrial enterprises predetermined the crystal purity of the air. How many places on earth where a similar combination would have a sufficient basis for the construction of it almost in the rank of natural miracles, but this is just a part of the advantages of the grainboris. From the cold winds of the plateau from all sides, they protect four wide vertices, and summer here is comfortable warm, but not roast, and the winter is soft, snowy. Annight here on average 200 sunny days a year and almost never fogs.

Serbia, as you know, has no way out to the sea, but the microclimate of the crown is mixed, the Mediterranean-Alpine, some incomprehensible way absorbed the ozone freshness of the pretty distant sea and mountain meadow fragrances. On the Zlatibor is unique, in the sense that again the only in the world, not only the wind rose, but even the pressure of the atmosphere. It is not "Davit" per person in the worst sense of this word. Its values ​​are valid extremely favorably, moreover increase hemoglobin and increase the amount of red Taurus in the blood. Plateau, to all of the time, rich in healing mineral sources, is diverse and his animal world. Pretty well-safe feel here, for example, disappearing proud beauties – royal eagles.

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  • Zlatibor - Paradise for all senses

The cumulative features of the Mountains of the Zlatibor and determined its purpose – the resort. Turks aristocrats back in the XVIII century with pleasure and benefit relative to the Zlatibor, and the idea to build a full-fledged health resort appeared at the end of the XIX century. Then the young king Alexander Obrenovich was often coming here with his wife Drague (the fate of this venance of the couple was tragic – in 1903 their brutalists killed supporters of the Karageorgievich dynasty). In the town that received the name of the water crammed later, he built the first country. In the King of Petra I, Karageorgievich, who also breathed here with fresh air, hotels were already a lot. Today, on Zlatibor, a large selection of boarding houses and hotels – from fashionable to modest. Private cottage, by the way, is also a lot. Many belong to famous and not very politicians, players, basketball players. Slobodan Milosevic had her house here.

The climatic peculiarities of the resort Zlatibor is especially valuable in the treatment of acute and chronic respiratory diseases, thyroid gland and anemia of all kinds. Staying on Zlatibor is recommended and during recovery after infectious diseases and surgical interventions. Institute of Thyroid Diseases and Metabolism Violations – Chigota actively cooperates with the Moscow Medical Academy. Sechenov and Endocrinological Scientific Center Ramna. There is a chigota at all close to the center of Zlatibor, surrounded by dense coniferous trees, on an ideal height – 1000 meters above sea level.

Chigota is also the name of a special program developed by local experts for people leading the exhaust fight with their own weight. It is very popular and designed for 7 or 14 days. This is what is included in it – anthropometric dimension, biochemical diagnostics, low-calorie food, exercise, swimming, fast walking, familiarization with the meaning of healthy nutrition and recreation. Adults and children can lose weight on this technique.

The chigote thought about those who had no sharp problems, and developed several wellness programs for them. Beach of modernity – stress. To soften its impact, you need to resort to Menadzer Program (€ 150). Ladies – Anticelulit Program for the same € 150.

The clinic has a hotel at 186 rooms, triple to suites, conference rooms and sports, swimming pool, restaurants, bar and cafes.

Zlatibor - Paradise for all senses

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