Zlata Ulka

Zlata Stretchka, or the Golden Street, in the most old part of the Czech capital – Prague Grad – not a single tourist. This tiny, as if toy, street with bright colorful houses built directly in the fortress wall, is located near the most beautiful Cathedral of Prague – St. Vita. In the XVI century, a devastating fire happened not far from the city, and the emperor Rudolph II Gabsburg allowed court chasingers for gold and their archers to settle in these houses – who as it could settle, as there were few spaces, and wishing to live under the protection of strong castle walls enough. However, later this story seemed to be too boring, and then a legend had about alchemists who served in the incredible magic of the emperor: they were chosen to her street, because and from the monarchs close, and the place hidden from the curious eyes came to do gold. Gold, as the Prague Old-timers assured, the alchemists really received, but his mystery was revealed to Rudolf alone alone, and he took her in the grave.

Now here are traded by souvenirs, engravings, dolls. True, they ask for everything very expensive. And when Franz Kafka settled in the house on the gold street in the house 22, the apartment was passed by Zadevlyo, because she probably was very uncomfortable. It will immediately feel a tourist, looking at any of the shops stores: to enter inside, you have to bend hardly in half. By the way, in Prague, several memorial boards at home, where Kafka lived at one or another time. This nervous and impressionable writer did not like to linger anywhere and constantly roamed from place to place.

Zlata Ustka

At dusk, when trading thickens, the spirit of the Middle Ages, and two centuries standing at the beginning and end of the tower, built at the end of the 15th century and served as a place of conclusion, seem to be especially gloomy. The most famous – the lower tower, the so-called Dalyborok. Any Czech since childhood knows the legend associated with it. In 1498, the Knight of Dalibor sharpened here. According to legend, so as not to die with hunger, he learned to play the violin, which in the last savings bought jailers. For the beautiful game Prazhaan threw a sandbag and money. Until now, there is a proverb in Czech: "Need taught Dalibe to play violin".

Zlata Ustka

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