Zero patients

Earlier, "my planet" talked about diseases that the world changed . In this article – about those who all began.

Typhoid fever

Ireland Mary Mallon, emigrated to the United States at the age of 15, was neither spy nor a killer. Nevertheless, she spent about 20 years in Quarantine, and the second sharpening became for her life. At the beginning of the XX century, not wanting anything wrong, the girl became a criminal number one.

Having moved to the West, Mary got a cook in a rich family, and everything went well until employers get sick. The girl moved to another family, but also the diarrhea and fever began in children and adults, and one of the laundry died. Mary changed some more houses, but strange malaise followed her on her heels.

Specially hired to investigate the sanitary doctor George Albert rings found that all the sick had one and the same cook. It was possible to find it on hot trails: Mary just managed to work in Penthouse in Park Avenue, where two servants were hospitalized, and the Master’s daughter died. Guided by symptoms, the rollers offered the cook to pass tests on the abdominal title to find out whether it is a carrier. The girl categorically refused, calculating that she was pursued.

Nevertheless, soon the cook was arrested right in the workplace and sent to prison. There, she still took tests, thanks to which the doctors, of course, discovered the focus of typhoid bacteria in the bustling bubble. Mary offered to remove the gallbladder, but she still categorically refused to admit themselves a carrier of the disease. True, admitted that it does not well observe hygiene and does not understand the purpose of washing hands. As a result, she was sent for three years to the hospital, which was located on the island of North Brother and specialized in the treatment of smallpox and insulation of patients from the surrounding world.

Since the disease did not show itself, the attending physician concluded that Mary could be released from quarantine, provided that it would never go to work with a cook and would take all reasonable measures to prevent the transmission of infection to others. Mary accepted these conditions and got a laundry, but. They paid a little, and in a few years a girl under the pseudonym Mary Brown again hired into the kitchen. And it all started again.

Journalists came to Mary. On the briefing they were explained that even a glass of water from her hands cannot be taken

This time it was more difficult to calculate the carrier, since the girl quit immediately, as soon as the employers appeared symptoms of the disease, and changed the names. However, she was still calculated and sent to the second quarantine. Already for life. Mary’s cooperation still refused, and the consequence did not even manage to establish the exact number of dead. It is known for now about three, but historians believe that there were more.

On the island to Mary Mallon, who entered the story as a typhoid Mary, repeatedly came journalists. Before you interview her, they passed the instruction on which they were explained that even a glass of water from the hands of Mary could not take. She died at the age of 69 from pneumonia. After opening the body, doctors confirmed the version that the causative agents of hazardous disease lived in her bustling bubble. Most likely, Tif was at Mary from birth and transferred to her in the womb.

Ebola fever

At the end of August 1976, the school teacher Mabalo Local from Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) returned from the country to the native village of Yambuk. With you, he brought not only gifts – Tasha Antelope and Monkey Smoked meat, but also a lobe in the joints. At first, the man decided that he became infected with malaria. Signs of this disease were well known to him, since mosquitoes on local plantations have always been full, and mosquito nets on windows for villagers – non-disabilities.

To clarify the diagnosis, it was necessary to make analyzes in order to find the pathogen – malarious plasma under the microscope, but the local hospital was so poorly that instead of the medical staff, nuns were carried out from Belgium. And about analyzes and speech. After examining the patient, one of the sisters agreed with the diagnosis of malaria, made a injection, and after a couple of days Mabalo Local went home.

According to African traditions, the body of the dead wash relatives and spend all night with him.

At first it seemed that the injection was working, but then the fever returned with a double strength. Soon the man is so weak that he could not get up. He was tormented by the attacks of diarrhea and vomiting. In desperation, the wife asked nuns to come to them, and when the sisters entered a small hut, discovered Mabalo, lying on a low bed, losing later and barely breathing. Blood broke under her nose and eyes. When the wife asked if sisters could help her husband, one of them shook her head. "This is something new," she said quietly.

Zero patients

Soon the Mabalo Lockery died. And after the funeral, 21 people got sick out of his family. According to African traditions, the body of the dead wash relatives and spend all night with him. One after another began to die Belgian nuns, and followed by them and other patients. As shown further investigation, there were only five glass syringes and reusable metal needles in this African clinic, which almost never sterilized. It is not surprising that almost everything has become infected.

When the scale of the disease was understood, the capital did the capital of doctors. But at that time, no one else knew about the Ebola virus, so measures were taken against typhoid and yellow fever. There were too similar symptoms. Only treatment did not help. When the village finally closed on Quarantine, 80% of employees died in the hospital. The flash stopped not soon, and even then after the situation was seriously disturbed by the World Health Organization .

Spanish flu

Testing by this virus mankind was subjected in 1918 – in the last months of the First World War, just when people were not at all controlling diseases. Yes, and about overlapping a message of speech could not be, and this only contributed to the spread of the Spanish. This name Virus received because the first country that spoke loudly about a new problem was Spain. Although the Spaniard was not a zero patient.

On the morning of March 11, 1918, Albert Gitchell, the cook of the American Military Training Camp "Fansel", located in Kansas, felt unbearable pain in the throat. Dressed, he was going to start his duties yet, but I realized that it could not move normally. His shutalo, his head was spinning, and nausea approached the throat. In the medical center it turned out that a man’s temperature is 40 degrees. Gitchella shook heavy cough. Sineli face. Management immediately placed him in quarantine. According to one of the versions, the pedigal of infection has become a pig, which cook prepared for dinner.

Probably, quarantine would be removed the world from a pandemic, but the trouble was that Albert was a cook in one of the largest military training camps of the United States to send soldiers to Europe and ailments felt on the eve. Hoping to move the disease on the legs, he continued to work. Such good faith and brought trouble .

According to one of the versions, the pedigal of infection has become a pig, which cook prepared for dinner

Despite the isolation of Gitchell, patients withdrawn on the same day. By noon, their number reached 107, by the end of the week – 522, by the end of April – 1127. The outbreak of the disease remained unnoticed. But the officials who arrived with the inspection considered it with pneumonia caused by the terms and conditions of soldier’s life, and to interrupt the shipment to the front did not dare. Patients isolated and continued to prepare soldiers. Moreover, most of the sick recovered. 46 people died, which was much larger than with simple flu epidemic, but still not enough to raise noise.

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