Zermatt – the best Swiss resort

Who never happened in Switzerland, he never will never understand why this edge constantly attracts such a large number of people, which lives here and rests and simply spends its blood-earned money. Some attracts delicious mountain nature here, and some healthy lifestyle – here you can roll skiing literally to trimming state. And some simply need a kind of relaxing atmosphere to come to themselves after long and tedious urban everyday life.

Zermatt &# 8211; just from those cities that are able to make you forget that not an easy life in the stone jungle and for a while become a rustic resident. It is hard to imagine what it is &# 8211; Going to the veranda of a cozy wooden chalet and see how the mountains and everything that is sinking in large and white snow rods. Or vice versa, come here in the summer and wondering with a juicy alpine meadows and the White Swiss Mountains. There is one more place here that gave the resort of Zermatt large dividends in popularity – Mount Matterhon. About this mountain has long been found legends. No matter how cool it is always in some kind of haze and here one tells one that the one who sees this top will be happy forever, and everywhere he will be held.

This resort can be reached by car, but you cannot enter the resort in the car in the car. We will have to get to the local village, leave there for the safety of the car and go to Zermatt on the electric car or on horseback horses. Agree, not so often there is an opportunity to ride a sleigh. And then you still have a large selection of housing: there is chalets, there are hotels and apartments, there are even campgrounds, but you still stop in them. Just it is the campsite for them to pocket, they are cheapering a hotel room, and twist in many other plans.

In Zermatt, it is better, of course, walking on foot, though, provided that it will not be too cold on the street. And the snow here, as a rule, does not melting until May, and falls at the end of October. So the weather here is not often "hooligan" in the form of thaw. But here you can relax and in the summer. Rollers indoor, cold enough, besides there is something to do in the Swiss Alps in the hottest days.

What here you can take?

It’s stupid of course sit in the room and watch the snow with the sky and everyone around is going to go skiing. Even if you do not know how to ride them &# 8211; you will be taught, quite quickly put on skis and after several workouts you can let you go into the free race. This family resort, So if you are the whole family Ranger on a ski, then a good day with a wonderful mood is provided to you. And most importantly, after riding on the slopes, you will play a big appetite and want to go to bed early. What about appetite do not worry. Here have long been a stunning little restaurant restaurants who are quite capable of satisfying the taste of even the reserved gourmet. As for sleep, it seems to be created here all the conditions so that the urban resident can finally sleep well. And the main "danger" for such a holiday two components: silence and soft pillow. And probably it will be right if you take the children at this journey, they, as a rule, do not sleep much and you will not give it too much.

Zermatt - the best Swiss resort

But back to the snow-covered tracks of Zermatt. By the way, they are created here for everyone and for lovers and for professionals, there are tracks even for extremals. You can rent here and in the sleigh, and on a snowboard and ice skates, since quite recently a new ice rink appeared here, to those three who already have. There’s even thought about little children, there is a children’s ski garden, where, under the supervision of an experienced instructor malyshnya from 4 years to 6 years old can easily learn the basics of skiing. The most interesting thing is that parents can ride somewhere else at this time. I remind you with an experienced instructor with children and at least three or four animators who will not leave one child anywhere. And for older guys there is a school of ski art and there will certainly teach a little differently, more seriously.

And so for the reference I will report that in the town of Zeratte about Two hundred fifty kilometers of ski slopes, Six comfortable slopes and sixty-six lifts. And by the way to climb after the descent again to their height do not have to stand in line, everything is clear enough and quickly raises back to the top.

Switzerland has always been glorious with its strong traditions

She and this town turned into a traditional place of winter sports fans. And it’s not how much you have taken money with him, and the thing is, are you ready to come here and for all leave here your heart, because what is not, and never will be a better place than Zermatt and the Alpine mountain with pure Alpine air who drove his cleanliness. And no matter how you wanted to admit it, but better than this resort nothing in the world have not come up with. It is a fact!

Zermatt - the best Swiss resort

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