ZELENOGRADSK (Zelenogradsk)

Zelenogradsk — Sea Balneological Resort of federal significance 25 kilometers from Kaliningrad. The fishing settlement of the crane (so until 1946 was called Zelenogradsk) is mentioned in the Penglish Chronicles of the XVII century.

Unlike Svetlogorsk and other resort coastal cities of the Kaliningrad region, Zelenogradsk goes to the sea not wooded hills, but with solid sand dunes.

These dunes are then moving to the famous Curonian braid, a unique protected area, which begins on the border of the city.

Zego line of Zelenogradsk and Curonian Spit — This is essentially one multi-kilometer beach, with pure sea sand.

True, the bathing season is here, as and almost everywhere in the Baltic, — From the end of July to the end of August-early September.

His story as the resort Zelenogradsk, like other seaside resorts of the our Baltic coast, counts from the beginning of the XIX century. Then in Europe was popular the theory of recovery of Dr. Franz Kessel, who first announced the benefits of solar baths and sea air.

The tiny town of Cranc in Eastern Prussia survived the era of the present pilgrimage of the thirsty improvement of the Germans and other residents of Europe.

Today, Zelenogradsk as a tourist center is experiencing «second birth». New hotels, villas and boarding houses are being built, housing construction has acquired great scope.

The flow of tourists is growing, according to local residents, this is due to two factors — the proximity of the Curonian Spit with its unique nature, and the presence of a nudist beach in Zelenogradsk, the truth is unofficial.

ZELENOGRADSK (Zelenogradsk)

Mineral water

Zelenogradsk produces its mineral water, it is called «Zelenogradskaya». The taste is not very pleasant, bitter-salty, but, if you believe with doctors, this water is useful for diseases of the stomach and liver.

One of the workshops in which Zelenograd spill, also a monument of architecture in style «Yugden», German variety Modern. The building was built at the beginning of the twentieth century, until the Second World War, the resort administration was posted in it — Corso.

How to get to Zelenogradsk

Zelenogradsk is associated with Kaliningrad motorway «Primorsky Ring». From airport «Herburovo» Moscow can be reached in just 15 minutes by bus or taxi.

ZELENOGRADSK (Zelenogradsk)

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