Zarasai (Zarasai)

First of all, tourists go to Zapaki to enjoy the amazing beauties of his surroundings. Around the city there are many picturesque lakes.

The most visited place is Big Island On the lake Zarasas (Zarasas) – This is a favorite place for picnics, sports events and concerts.

Around the lake Sartai (Sartai) Located Sartai Regional Park (SART&# 371; RegionInis Parkas), Called to maintain a unique relief of the locality, as well as its unique flora and fauna. Several routes are laid in the park for hiking lovers. There is an opportunity for fishing. In the summer of Sartai Lake, kayodniks and sailing sports lovers come.

Catholic church of the Ascension of the Holy Virgin Mary
– Home architectural landmark of the city. This elegant building, built in the middle of the XIX century in the style of Narokokko. In the altar there is a picture depicting the Mother of God, which, according to Legend, presented the previous church of the legendary prince Vitovt.

Zarasai (Zarasai)

Zarasai (Zarasai) – A small town in northeastern Lithuania, located 146 kilometers to the northeast of Vilnius and 4 km from Latvia border. Population – 7,344 people (2011).

For the first time the city is mentioned in the chronicles in 1522. Emperor Nicholas I, visiting Zarasai (at that time called Yezosra), was so fascinated by the beauty of this place, which commanded the city in honor of his son – Novo-Alexandrovsk. In the 20th century, the city received a modern name.

Zarasai is located in a picturesque place among the cascade of lakes. The city surrounds small Lithuanian villages. It annually attracts in Zarasai of nature lovers and rural tourism, who want to relax from the bay urban life.

Zarasai (Zarasai)

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