Zambia introduced a new brand

Your new brand LET’s Explore ("Let’s explore") recently recently, Zambian Tourism Management, reports Lusakatimes portal. Representative of the country Professor Royson Macken called on the international community to actively develop a new brand of the country and to promote the dissemination of information about the unique tourProduct of Zambia.

According to Professor McVena, Zambia is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for investment and tourist arrivals. our tour operators agree with him. "South Africa this year is unprecedented demand, in our company he almost doubled compared to last year," says Julia Sedov from the company "Astrakhel". At the same time, such popularity of the region is not related to marketing campaigns: they are practically not conducted on the our market of Zambia. "Just people stopped afraid of Africa. Information about countries goes from many channels, transportation is becoming more and more, the "Sarafan Radio" works actively, – explains Julia Sedov.

Zambia introduced a new brand

True, the ours choose Zambia exclusively in combination with other countries. Tourists most often arrive in South Africa, and Zambia is sent only to Victoria Waterfall. Excursions in Zambia usually last 2-3 days. Such a tour of non-bike dates will cost from $ 2.5 thousand per person without airfare (approximately + 1100 euros for the cost of the partner). In the festive dates, the cost of the tour increases to $ 3 thousand per person plus about 1400 euros for domestic and international flights.

Eastern Africa is well for sale: Kenya, Tanzania. "In this region, the increase is about 20%. It is worth noting that last year in East Africa was practically recorded, so this year the flow increases with a more restrained pace, "Julia explained Sedov.

Zambia introduced a new brand

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