Zakopane (Zakopane)

Zakopane – Small town and famous ski resort in the south of Poland with a population of about 28,000 inhabitants. Located in the Valley in Tatras.

Tourists are attracted by tourists not only by skiing and pedestrian routes, but also a kind of gouraral folklore, and a picturesque wooden architecture, to admire which is possible on the background of the mountains rising above the city of Gavont. Thanks to its convenient position (Zakopane – the starting point for numerous routes) is the most popular mountain resort in Poland.

In the summer, attracts lovers of mountain walks: the most popular peaks – the crib, GevonT.

Family for tourists are open several dozen ski lifts, springboard, multi-kilometer ski slopes and rink. In Zakopane, competitions in winter sports and the World Spring Championship are held. Outdoor pool, working all year round, with water from geothermal source, as well as indoor pools. Skating track.

Season in Zakopane lasts almost all year round. Here you can take advantage of a variety of outdoor activities, such as riding or on bicycles, flying to deltaplane, swim in warm swimming pools or travel around the rocks. Zakopane is a place from which routes on the Tatrical National Park begins.

Three main riding zones – Kasprov Top, Glutal and Nasal.
– High Point – 1 960 m.
– Height difference – 930 m.
– Number of lifts – 20.
– Total length of tracks – 30 km.
– Running ski trails – 50 km.

1. Kasprov Vopy (1 985 m) is the most famous and best for skiers, but also the most crowded mountain in Poland.

From the center of Zakopane (in a straight line) 7 km. 3 cableways were held on the top of the mountain. From Kuznitz – Walking, with Gryshenitsky Gryshenic Valley and Valley – Charming. On the top of the vertex – the meteorological station (the top stations of the cableways are 30 m below). The lift at Kasprov, the top is first in Poland, and also in the tatras, passenger cable car. Her track is divided into two parts – from the forge (1,028 m) on Myslenitsky Tourna (1 352 m) and further on Kasprene Top (1,959 m). Skis are transported inside the car, for safety, the lift stop at the power of the wind 15 m / s.

Height difference – 930 m.
Number of tracks – 5.
The longest route – 4,295 m.

2. Nasal (1 206 m) – one of the best ski sites in Poland.

Zakopane (Zakopane)

Despite the small size, it was possible to place 9 lifts, a cable car, parking lots, a hotel and paragraphs serving skiers. Most of the tracks of the ski complex are covered with artificial snow, illuminated and serviced by randics.

Height difference – 245 m.
Number of tracks – 9.
Best Slaloma Track in Poland 650 m long.
Number of lifts – 9.

3. Gulkuvka (1 120 m) – one of the most famous and most visited mountains in Poland.

With its popularity, the Glutalue is obliged, first of all, the funicule, the lower station of which is located almost in the center of Zakopane, as well as the wonderful view of the Tatra, which opens from the top of the mountain.

Height difference – 299 m.
Lifts – 1 Funicular and 5 Bugel.
The longest route – 1 338 m.

Zakopane (Zakopane)

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