Zakopane — A small town in the south of Poland with a population of about 28,000 inhabitants.

In the south of Poland, at the foot of the only Alpine-style mountains in the country, lies Zakopane, "Winter capital" Poland. The most high-altitude city in Poland (750-1100 m above sea level) is located in a narrow basin between the tatras and the mountain chain Gluffwing.
Tourists are attracted by tourists not only by skiing and pedestrian routes, but also a kind of gouraral folklore, and a picturesque wooden architecture, to admire which is possible on the background of the mountains rising above the city of Gavont.
Zakopane For more than a hundred years now is the center of cultural life, giving inspiration to artists and artists.

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For children, an excursion is organized to the city of Slakki in a family park of recreation (such as "Moon Park") Rabbangland. Excursion is organized in summer (10.07-28.08.99.) Train Retro goes from Zakopane – All cars and locomotive from 1896. Wagons are renovated, divided by 1 and 2 class, in the middle of the composition there is a car-restaurant. On the highway, tourists visit museums (one of them – Scansen of vintage cars and locomotives, another – Museum of the Order of laughter, factory of folk ceramics and visiting 10 robcaganda attractions.

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Zakopane, Poland Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Zakopane Travel Guide

Family for tourists are open several dozen ski lifts, springboard, multi-kilometer ski slopes and rink. In Zakopane, competitions in winter sports and the World Spring Championship are held. Outdoor pool, working all year round, with water from geothermal source, as well as indoor pools. Skating track.
Season in Zakopane lasts almost all year round. Here you can take advantage of a variety of outdoor activities, such as riding or on bikes, flying to deltaplane, swim in warm swimming pools or travel around the rocks. Zakopane is a place from which routes on the Tatrical National Park begins.

Transport features Zakopane

Taxi: In all Territory, Zakopane walk a taxi, a taxi can be called from the hotel, the price and route should be negotiated in advance

Buses: Airport can be reached by bus to go to have 70 km

car rental: Airports: The nearest airport is located in Poprad

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