Zaiv Park – Tourist Directory Part 3

Those who intend to go to the trails can use tips going on campaign.

Going to the parks, do not forget that there is always the likelihood of planned or unscheduled works that superimpose certain restrictions on visitors. Before traveling, always specify these moments on the official website. Warnings can be seen at the top of the page, they are designated in red.

Seasons, weather


In the spring it is worth being ready for a wide range of weather conditions. Mostly for this season is characterized by warm and sunny weather, but exceptions are possible. It is worth considering that the temperature can change dramatically depending on the height and time of day. Day and night temperatures may differ from each other in the range up to 20 degrees. The maximum temperature rarely exceeds +32°WITH. In the morning and in the evening is usually cool or cold, the day is warm or hot (it is worth dressing layers). The greatest amount of precipitation falls on March. High water levels saved until May. This is the best time to enjoy the full waterfalls of the Zion Park.


In the summer season, daytime temperatures in the park often exceed + 38°WITH. From mid-July to September, there are often monsoons, which leads to an increased risk of sudden flood. Often, thunderstorms. The temperature also depends on the time of day, and from height, so you need to be ready for significant fluctuations.

For example, we are in our visit collided with a very strong wind at night, which literally demolished the tent.


With the arrival of autumn it becomes somewhat cooler and land, and the yellow and red foliage of the trees add the park charm. It is believed that this is the most ideal time to visit Zayon. With temperature drops, the situation is similar.


In winter in the zayona cold and wet, that is, not too comfortable. During the day the maximum temperature rises to + 10-15°C, and at night can fall below zero. For the winter season accounts for almost half of the annual amount of precipitation. Park Roads are open, but some trails can be closed due to snow and / or ice.

The plate below shows the average and record temperatures by months. All of them are indicated in Fahrenheits, to transfer them to degrees Celsius, you can use a special calculator.

You can see current current weather here.

Useful Applied Information

Accommodation in the Zayon and the surrounding area: Within the park there are three organized campsites (two in the redistribution of the Canyon Zaion and one in the area of ​​the terrace of a kolob), a lot of campgrounds without amenities in Beckqouty (for overnight people need to get permission), as well as one hotel. In addition, commercial campgrounds, motels and hotels are available in the adjacent cities. Details of all these types of housing, rental housing on Airbnb, How to book and search for campsites, as well as places in which we spent the night, look for in the article about housing in Zayon.

Where to eat: With meal in the park, the situation is not ahti. The Zion Lodge Hotel has a RED Rock Grill Dining Room restaurant (open all year round, usually from 6:30 to 22:00), as well as adjacent to the Castle Dome Caf souvenir shopé (open from April to October). Everything, no longer within the park. Many shops, cafes and restaurants can be found in Springdale’s town bordered with Park.

Shower, Laundry: There is no soul in the park, nor laundry. You can find them all in the same Springdale or in Canabe, Harricsene and other cities in the vicinity of Zaon.

Refueling: With refueling stations, the situation is similar, there are no them in the park.

What time is it necessary to inspect: As you could already understand, the park is big to see all of his parts, you will need not one, and not even two days, especially if you choose your choice on extended trails. As I mentioned, for the most part, tourists are limited to visiting one part of the park – Canyon Zion. It should be put on at least one day to have time to walk along the main trails, a couple of days, if you want to see all or almost everything, and add at least a day if you wish to go to the Narrows. If you plan to look into the Cobrob Canyon, do not forget that there will have to go around 65 km in one direction.

Park Score

7 from ten. It is enough to evaluate this park, because we did not see a lot, as it was visited only by his part, limiting the Zion Canyon. But we will proceed from what managed to see.

It was almost our last national park, which we visited the top ten. Perhaps that is why he was not impressed as much as numerous tourists describe in his reviews. This part of the park is undoubtedly good, but mostly an eye appears the same canyon from different points, which after a while ceases to surprise, and our other bright attractions have not found for themselves. Most of all failed to taste «Acute angels», which combined both good physical exertion, and adrenaline, and an excellent panoramic view of the valley.

Canyon you impressions in Zayona, dear readers!

Zaiv Park - Tourist Directory Part 3

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Maps National Park Zaiv

  • Red dots – Attraction
  • Brown – Trails (tourist paths)
  • Purple – Visitor centers, entrances to the park
  • Black – accommodation
  • Yellow – Filling stations
  • Green – Places where you can find food (restaurants, cafes, shops)
  • Blue – Places where you can replenish the supply of drinking water
  • Raspberry – surrounding cities

Zion National Park on Wikimapia.

Paper state maps can be ordered on Ozon.RU, in a labyrinth or eBay.Com.

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