On the Canary Islands you can not only rest by the sea, there are a lot of opportunities for interesting excursions. Only on Grand Canaria, for example, several landmarks are immediately: House-Museum of Christopher Columbus, Center for Contemporary Art of the Atlantic, Canary Islands Museum. Recently, a new Scientific and Technical Museum has been added to them in one of the main trading areas of the capital of the island. Especially interesting here with young visitors who show interactive presentations and films on a giant screen. In various thematic parks ("Palmitos Park", "Reptilanda", crocodile park) with pleasure time and children and adults.

Within two years, the Administration of the Island of Gran Canaria intends to invest in the expansion and modernization of hotel complexes "Meloneras" and "Pasito Blanco" 50 billion peseta. Another 55 billion is invested in a huge golf course "Salobria".

Currently, a new strategy for the development of congress and incentive tourism is being developed on the island of Tenerife. One of the first steps on this path can be considered a newly built Tenerife Convention Bureau Center, directly involved in the organization of symposia, congresses and exhibitions on the island.

In the Tenerife recently, two relatively new tourist destinations are actively promoted: Puerto de la Cruz in Valle de la orotava and Isla Baha. For the first characteristic of unique natural and cultural values. On the second, promoting under the slogan "Secret Tenerife", The focus is on the development of agrotourism: tourists will be placed here in small rural hotels and monasteries.

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A new attraction has become very popular on the island of Tenerife "Planet Penguin" In Zoological Park "Loropark" (in g. Puerto de la Cruz). This is the biggest pingguinarian in the world: you can see 250 representatives of different types of penguins. Loropark was opened in 1972., And for 28 years, almost 20 million people visited him.

The main and most interesting mass event on the Canary Islands – Winter Carnival, whose timing is shifted from year to year. In 2001, the festival will be held from February 9 to February 27 at the Granaria. During the carnival there will be a lot of entertainment events: contests of masquerade costumes and music groups, Queen Ball, makeup contest, election of the queen among the elderly people. The holiday is completed traditional "Funeral Sardina", When the crowds dressed in festive costumes will arrange a lush funeral of this imperceptible fish, which became one of the business cards of the archipelago. In Tenerife, the carnival will be held from February 19 to March 4. Numerous processions, performances, contests and balls are also planned here. At this time, thousands of tourists from mainland Spain, Portugal and other countries come here. It is expected that the income from the carnival 2001. will be about one and a half times more than last year.

On Tenerife, a new tourist brand is successfully promoted "Tenerife Golf", which combines all golf courses on the island, as well as 14 high-class hotels in which the fans of this game are usually stopped.

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