Sunrise in Rio de Janeiro. This is difficult to forget. The huge city is still sleeping, tired of nightlife. The sun rays slide on the white sandy coast, along the quiet waters of the bay of Guanabara and melting in the foggy sea. Mount Corcovado from the Giant figure of Christ on top shot almost to the very sky. On the deserted beaches quietly splash, and piercing on top of each other.

Tourism development

Start of tourist boom brazil, and together with her and Rio de Janeiro survived in the early 50s. Europeans could then see the famous carnivals with their own eyes, penetrate the Debres of Amazonian Selva. Rio de Janeiro for many in the world has become a symbol of sensual pleasures, extravagant, abundance. Orchestras playing the streets of Samba to dawn, and dancing girls whose clothes consisted of several brilliant feathers – those were the most vivid impressions of tourists of the first wave.

Since then, qualitative changes in the tourism industry have occurred: Brazil today takes the tenth place in the world in the field of turbines; In the field of tourism, every 11th Brazilian is busy, or about 6 million.human. In 1994. Brazil expects to obtain 45 billion tourism development.Doll., Moreover, all annual exports does not exceed 38 billion. The country has a huge potential for the further development of the touristury. Due to the variety of geographic belts in it you can see both tropical forests, and sun beaches, and mountain resorts.

How to fly and where to settle

Although Brazil is like "overseas", get there quite not difficult. There would be a desire and some money. According to the study of the Japanese national tourism organization, from the largest cities of the planet, the most cheap for foreigners are Basilia and Sao Paulo, where the cost of living, for example, is 88% cheaper than in London.

To obtain a visa, however, you must submit tickets on the way back. Brazil is not so rich in order to put someone from the country at their own expense. Tourist visa is valid for 90 days. Time is quite sufficient to enjoy both the life of megacities and wild nature of the tropics. The procedure for obtaining a visa is maximally simplified.

And here we are already in the plane. Our compatriots, by the way, can choose from three airlines – Spanish "Iberia" ($ 1200 in both ends), "Aeroflot" ($ 900) and Dutch "CLM" (1300 $). International airports are in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Manaus, Salvadore. international Airport "GaEAO" Rio de Janeiro is 20 km from the city. Rio easily reached by bus or taxi. With a taxi driver, you can explicit English, although other foreign languages ​​are widespread here – French, German, Italian.

In southern cities, including Rio, quite a few good hotels, from the most expensive and luxurious to moderately combined. You will find all the necessary amenities, including international telephone, fax, telex (five star:

Rio Palace, Rio Internacional, Copacabacana Palauce Hotel; Four-star: Olindo, cost $ 150-200 per day).

"Reserve of earthly pleasure"

Rio de Janeiro received a nickname "Reserve of earthly pleasure", which enjoy life more than 5 million. human. Indeed, the city on the shore of Guanabar Bay can offer a lot of entertainment for every taste and pocket. There is a tourist from what to choose.

Some attracts covered with white sand winding sea coast, his wonderful beaches. Everywhere there are temporary soccer fields and stretched volleyball nets. Amateurs "sway" Focus playing rods. Here and there are cold shop peddles (beer grade), grabbing ice buckets with ice.

Close to the huge kides, and the tattoo masters are alive with customers who want to cover the body not only the tan, but also the Indian pattern. Such a memory of Brazil will never. A pleasant impression remains from communicating with tanned long-legged girls in invisible bikini. Local unwritten rules do not recommend how to appear on the beach without top of the swimsuit. Dark-haired modests carefully hide the breasts from other people’s views using two triangles, each with a coin of magnitude.

Present in Rio for fans to eat. Tropical heat here is not a hindrance. "Carnivorous excursion" lasts about three hours. Turning away from the table to a table, tourists eat in large quantities of fried chickens, pork and beef, alternating every portion of a sip of Kaipirigni (a mixture of vodka from sugar cane and lime). Similar gluttonies, however – only warm-up in front of the Fajead, Brazilian flashes, the abundance of which exceeds all expectations. Stewed in the clay pots of pork is served on the table with a side dish of black beans. The meaning of the Faizoada is to taste all parts of the pork carcass, from the language to the legs (lunch in a good restaurant costs from $ 15).

Those who prefer more sophisticated pleasures, a study tour of the megalopolis is offered. One of the possible options includes an impressive flight on a helicopter of Christ’s statues on a mountain of Corcovado, swimming on a yacht to one of the tropical islets, climbing the cable car to the mountain "Sugar head", A trip to the city-Museum Petropolis, as well as a visit to one of the jewelry factories of Concern Stern. The program is completed by the Night Stroller on Rio with a visit to the Mulatto Show "Platform" (Admission $ 35).

Without Caeword 29

Nightlife is inseparable from the generally accepted status of the city. Rio begins to live at the wrong night. Lights of cafes, bars, underground casinos. The elite of the city prefers institutions located on the shore of the lagoon in Ipanhe. Here you can safely sit, drink a cup-other Caipirigny, exchange daylight impressions. If your passion is to search for adventures in places, the reputation of which is doubtful, then look at the cafe for Avenid Atlantica. Local lights collect a lot "Night butterflies", which setting the silicone busts at once, confuse the tourists’ raised here (the fall in Rio costs 40-50 $). Self sounds and other Latin American melodies thunder over the city until the morning. Not only discos, but also Gafiharas – large dance parks outdoors. Orchestrants, tightened in white tuxedo, are playing alternately boss Nova or Tango, and fast pairs are circling in the storage tack.


His apogee dance extravagania reaches in February, when the streets of Rio splashes the streets, the world famous carnival. Within a week in "Great city", As Rio called its inhabitants, industrial enterprises and institutions do not work. Even the country’s parliament takes a festive "time-out". Competitions for the best execution of Samba pass in all cities and villages of Brazil, however, Rio’s indigenous residents, Carioki, say that who did not see the carnival in Rio, he did not see a real tropical carnival. Four nights from sunset and up to his sunrise "Sambodromes" (a specially built complex with the stands on both sides of the road, on which carnival processions pass) continuously ram the drums, thousands of dancing people are moving in masks. One sambe school replaces the other, the best of them by decision of the jury receives a prize. These days at least 1 million arrive in Rio. foreigners and guests from other cities of the country (entrance tickets to the carnival procession – 190 $).

Carnival resurrects the ancient pagan rites that existed long before the appearance of Portuguese in Brazil. Although officially about 90% of Brazilians are considered Catholics, Makumba (Voodo – Black Magic) and Candomblel (White Magic) are very popular with Rio residents. Some profess paganism perfectly open. On the eve of the New Year, admirers of the sea goddess yynya arrange a solemn ceremony in honor of her idol. Having to go into white clothes, they are sent to the stabbar decorated with flowers, in which the goddesses lie for the goddess, lipstick and french champagne.

Brazil, Brazil

But even from the holiday sometimes you want to relax. Do not be afraid to leave Rio! The rich nature of the country will give you no less impressions than all the pleasures of the brown city. The most attractive are today routes to Manaus, Buzios, Du Fraja, Foz do Ignazuz. Manaus is the center of the so-called "Environmental tourism", Located in the center of Amazonia. Here you will be offered exotic tours on Amazon Selver, hunting for crocodiles or fish-cannibals. Buzios invites fishery lovers to visit. In Du Frages you will find one of the prestigious resorts of America: Tourists Horse riding, golf courses, courts, surfing, yachts. Foz Do Iguazu is located at the stake of three countries – Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. On the territory of the National Park, among wild canyons, more than 200 aquatic cascades can be seen, including the famous Waterfall Iguazu.

The development of tourism in Brazil sometimes takes almost curious forms. So, exist "Medical" Tourist tours that combine sightseeing with . cosmetic surgery. The Brazilian School of Cosmetic Surgery is considered one of the best in the world, and the cost of operations here is twice as well as in the US.

. Thousands of people from all over the world come today in Brazil, so that not on the television screen, and to see her unique nature, noisy cities, the warm sea. It is gratifying to realize that lately among tourists with Brazilian visas, all the bockets of our compatriots. our speech can be heard on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, El Salvador. For many, the dreamest of Bender look at the city "Samba, football and sultry mulatto" Already became a reality. If you are not afraid to follow their example, drop all doubts. Rio de Janeiro is waiting for you.

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