Serbia – a small Balkan state in southeastern Europe, which has no way out to the sea. Borders with Montenegro, Croatia, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Capital – Belgrade.

The bulk of the population is Orthodox Serbs. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the country was part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians, after the Second World War – in Socialist Yugoslavia, finally launched in the 90s of the twentieth century.

How to get

Direct flights fly from Moscow to Belgrade, travel time is about three hours. You can get through the neighboring countries, for example, Hungary: the bus from Budapest to Belgrade goes 7 hours, but in this case the visa will need.


Serbia is geographically divided into two regions – the northern plain and south-west mountain – so the climate is different here. In general, it is rather soft, however, in summer the heat can reach +35 degrees on the plain, in the winter the temperature is rarely falling below 0, as a rule, keeps in the area +5. In the mountains in winter is pretty cold (up to -10) and snow. Sedips fall mainly in spring and autumn.

The best time to travel to the mountainous parts of Serbia – Summer, in the plain – Late spring and early autumn. Good weather usually keeps on April but November. From late November to early April in Serbia Ski season.

ours visa is not required if the trip is less than 30 days. To visit the country only a passport is needed.

Cities and regions

The territory of Serbia includes two autonomous edges, districts and communities. Belgrade – the largest city in the country, cultural and industrial center. Administrative center Voivodina – Novi-Garden, the second largest city of Serbia, attracting many tourists.

Where to stay


Navigate the country more convenient for all by bus, whose movement covers the whole country, can be reached by neighboring countries. There is a railway in the country, however, its coating is not so significant, and the speed of movement is simply depressing, besides, the timetable of motion is not always observed.

Many international rental companies are represented in Serbia, so if you wish, you can take a car rental. It should be noted that renting a car in Serbia is cheaper than in neighboring Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina or Montenegro.

In many Belgrade hostels inexpensively, you can rent a bike


Official language – Serbian, while in the regions official status have more 12 languages, including Hungarian, Romanian and others. The older generation remembers the our a little, but most likely you will need only English.

When communicating, you should not start talking about the collapse of Yugoslavia (war with Croatia, Kosovo conflict), Serbs are sharply perceived by this topic. Serbs – very outdoor, spiritual and hospitable people, big lovers delicious eat and drink friendly.


Serbia – Dinar (RSD) currency. For the exchange you can take both dollars and euros. Change money best in banks or exchange offices, pay attention to the course, it can be very different. Bank cards take in most tourist places.


You can write a lot about Serbian cuisine, primarily due to the fact that Serbia is an agricultural country, and there is a huge amount of high-quality food. It is from this ecological raw materials and local dishes are preparing. First of all, it is meat dishes – all sorts of sausages, sausages. Another characteristic feature of Serbian cuisine – baking manifold: Pies, Cheese, the semblance of pizza – everything is always fresh and preparing in small home bakeries, where the queues are built on early morning.

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The main souvenir who brings tourists from Serbia is, of course, Slobovitsa – Serbian vodka version. Mountain areas can be very cheap to buy all sorts of wool products. Popular souvenir products related to the work of the director Emir Kusturica.

What to see and where to go

In Serbia, four main cities where you can go longer than one day: Belgrade, Novi Garden, Niche and Subotica. All these cities have numerous museums, exhibitions, private galleries and T.D. In the evenings, concerts are held in many summer sites, as a rule, with such a loved local folk music (exactly as in Kusturica films).

In Belgrade, you should visit the Museum of Nikola Tesla, where they will not only talk about the life of the Great Physics, but also will be shown in the action of his invention.

Be sure to look at the Mountain District of Serbia – the city of Urzice and Zlatibor. There are several national parks in the country. The most popular of them – Jerdap – the Mountain Gorge of the Danube, where the wide channel of the river narrows up to several meters. In Jerdape also worth seeing a blue fortress.

On the mountain Seavernik is a village, built for filming the film Kusturians "Life like a miracle". In the village of 30 houses, all of them are built without using nails. Tourists can stay here at night.

Ski Resort Kopaonik – One of the most sunny places in Serbia, the sun here shines up to 200 days a year. The total length of the tracks is 55 km, and the season continues from the end of November to the beginning of April.


The whole country is covered with a dense network of cellular telephony, therefore there are no connection problems, you can also buy a SIM card of one of the local operators (for example, Telekom Srbija, Telenor). Free Wi-Fi is available in public places, cafes and hotels.


Serbia is a fairly safe country, of course, as in any other country, you need to be vigilant in crowded places in relation to pockets. Serbs are very hospitable for tourists, especially from Russia, so you can be sure you are waiting for a warm welcome.

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