Palm Jumeira Is Best

Jumier Rickos is a new hotel, opened in 2012, the hotel offers a very beautiful view of Dubai and on the palm tree, landscapes open really indescribable! Read more →

Wenceslas Square

She struck, first, her scale: to get from beginning to end you will need 10 minutes. Secondly, many shops and cafes. It is impossible not to go to each of them. Read more →

Polina18 02 | September 2018

How to get drunk in the Arab country

The laws of Muslim countries prohibit the use of alcoholic beverages. However, if I really want, it is still possible to get drunk in the Arab state without unpleasant consequences. Read more →

Polina Boytsova | Summer 2018

Plzen – Historical weekends: children’s toys, sweets, crafts

Various artisans are involved in the holiday, and in the evenings from Fridays to Sunday, musical ideas are held, processions of stuffed, monsters, knights, sorcerer. Read more →

Wlad 1978 | May 2014

How we chase in the Balkans. In Greece

The place so we liked that we decided to stay here longer here. Made another breech. This time in the city of Parga. Read more →

Dro OD | Summer 2016

Kivach Reserve, Restaurant "Karelian Torny" In Petrozavodsk and Karelian Patties

What is he – a waterfall kivach? The first impression is a huge gray boulder stones, a whole scattering of such giants, as if they were playing them here. Read more →

Pamsik | Autumn 2014

Gran Jonquera Outlet Shopping Center & Shopping

If you are traveling near the coast of Costa Brava by car, it is worth going to Gran Jonquera Outlet & Shopping on the outskirts of the town of La Zhunker. Read more →

Without Caeword 139

Polina Boytsova | March 2018

In the brewery carlsberg

And let’s clamping beer in the Brewer of Carlsberg. And at the same time we visit the museum in which it is clearly represented as the beer of the past and the equipment and tools that they did. Read more →

Tushinetc | Autumn 2014

Tsaritsyno: a great holiday destination in Moscow

At the central entrance there is an installation about love for Moscow. Everyone has it is photographed, study the card, and also attend a free toilet. Read more →

Dobriy Vasya | Autumn 2014

River-Walk, "Venice in the heart of Texas"

The lively atmosphere of the embankment will surprisingly harmonize with the inspiring peacefulness of nature, giving you a feeling of joy and calm. Read more →

Without Caeword 139

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