Okinawa’s outlines reminds basic Japanese islands. It is even called him "Japan in miniature". Translated from Japanese "Okinawa" means "Rope on the seaside". The island is really similar to the rope, abandoned in the marine bunch. He is so narrow that in some places it can be transferred for half an hour. Here is a warm climate and amazing nature. Animals live on Okinawa, which is no longer anywhere on Earth. Along the entire island for 20 km extended the largest coral reef in Japan.

Ancient Okinawans believed that the horizon is the beautiful land of the gods of Neraykanai, from where the people come from happiness. And they considered the myths dear leading to this land. Until now, much remains unclear in the history of Okinawa. During World War II, the Archive of the Kingdom was completely destroyed. Scientists have to rely on foreign sources and legends. According to one of them, the wind lifted the seed of life to the goddess of Amami Kyut, and she gave birth to three children. The eldest son of the goddess became the founder of the royal dynasty.

The first information about the land of the immortal lucky appeared at the beginning of the VII century in China. They said that people who lived there were made of gold and silver and they were known for the secret of immortality. Chinese emperor even equipped an expedition in "The country of eternal youth", But she returned with nothing.

The secret of immortality revealed modern scientists. It’s all about fish and vegetables that Okinawers consume in unmeared quantities. By the way, long-livers in Okinawa and now more than around the world. 60 years here are considered to be the beginning of a happy old age, and in 97 marks the transition to a new life.

On another legend, during the war of clans, King of Khai sent to the impregnable castle of Suri Spy. Getting into the castle, the girl fell in love with the owner and gave birth to him. It seemed that the operation failed, but the spy remained faithful to his debt. She delivered information and returned to his beloved to die with him. So the surroundings for 450 years became the royal residence.

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Sensis descendant Hasi decided to end the armed clashes between the warrant clans and forbade the use of any weapons. This played a Japanese prince Symaz from the neighboring Island Kyushu. Three thousand samurai on a hundred ships easily captured Okinawa. The struggle for the island lasted 150 years. At the end of the XIX century, Okinawa entered Japan. But Okinawans managed to keep their face.

Okinawa residents refer to their Utina Island, and – otnant. Lifestyle otinnev does not look like Japanese. They and outwardly different from the Japanese. However, at the end of World War II, Okinawa divided the fate of Japan. The island has become the battles arena between Japan and the USA. For three months both sides suffered huge losses. Almost completely destroyed cities. Until 1972. Okinawa was under direct control of the American Armed Forces. Today, the US military controls only the fifth of the island. Fighters fly over the heads of Okinawa residents like birds. But Okinawers are accustomed to them. Actually, as well as signs in English and European persons on the streets.

Today, Okinawa lives due to tourism. His capital Naha is about the same distance from Tokyo, Beijing and Manila – one and a half hours on the plane. Such a location makes an island available for hundreds of thousands of lovers of the sun and beaches from all countries of the South Seas. Thanks to the tourists of Okinawa rapidly develops and, it seems, the prediction of Goncharov will soon come true about the occurrence of the Golden Age in this paradise.

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