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On the sites of the host tour operator, you can read: "Tez Tour is first of all reliability".

In fact, on December 10, 2013, our tourists who sent for rest in the UAE could not pass passport control, since Tez Tour did not make them entry visas. Tourists promised that visas will be at the airport of arrival. But deceived! As a result, tourists were forced to relax in the transit zone of Sharjah Airport. In one family, parents gave a visa, and there are no children. Six ours were forced to return to Russia. Representatives of the company TEZ TOUR explained nothing and only injured.

Will anyone answer for this disgrace?!

I turned out to be smarter, did not believe the assurances of TEZ Tour workers and did not fly on December 14 in the UAE without a properly executed visa. And many of those who flew, trusting Tez Tour, spent vacation at Sharjah Airport. And people did not give out luggage, fed the promises for four days, tourists lived at the airport, and in the end they were settled in double rooms for six people.

Me Workers TEZ Tour tried to deceive and knock the visa to another person; assured that everything is in order and ready to write me any papers for Arab border guards. At the same time, travel agency managers knew that at this moment at the airport of Sharjah could not pass passport control over forty-our tourists, because TEZ Tour did not make them proper visas.

Only after the intervention of representatives of Russia’s Consulaters in Dubai, tourists were able to return home. And the representative of the Consulate General stated: "We strongly recommend ours heading to the UAE, refrain from travel in the absence of a visa. No confirmation of tourist companies can serve as a basis for entry into the country … this kind of connivance from travel companies giving tourists dubious guarantees, causes indignation ".

Press Secretary of the our Union of Tourism, Irina Tyurin stated that tourists themselves must understand that it is impossible to fly to a visa country without a visa.

Failure to issue a visa is an insured event. And if an error was made in the visa in writing a name, then it is possible that the visa is given and valid, and 80 dollars paid for a visa will not be returned?

According to the rules, if an error is allowed in a visa, it must be canceled and issued a new. But for this you have to pay another 80 dollars; And if they are wrong again, then 80 more.

Imagine you ordered in the atelier to sew a suit you, and when they came to get, the costume turned out to be three sizes less. Will you get such an order?

What an error in issuing visas is faithful to that, according to the press secretary of the our Union of the tourist industry Irina Tyurina, a failure in a computer design and issuance of visas.

But why the failure touched only our and Belarusian tourists?

"Whatever the reason, our tourists should not suffer," said the executive director of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia Maya Lomidze.

Offers Write a collective complaint to TEZ Tour or naivety, or disinformation. Not a collective complaint should be written, and the statement of claim for each victim to the tourist with the requirement of compensation and compensation for moral damage.

Tez Tuz works according to the scheme, when his authorized agencies are responsible for the tourist. Rosturism should be dealing with the tour operator – Federal Agency for Tourism. There and you need to write a complaint about Tez Tour. I personally already wrote and even got the answer.

Doz Tour will pay the promised compensation or declare himself bankrupt?

"Our tourists will be provided with adequate compensation, which is discussed with each tourist individually," Roman Fishermen told Media-Director of the company "Tez Tour".

Since the company Tez Tour does not respond to my statements about the payment of promised compensation and moral damage, I have prepared a claim to the authorized agency "Megatur SPb".

Why are travel agencies constantly cheating tourists?

All thing in advertising! The advertiser seduced by the money, the TV channels hide the truth about the real state of affairs. And all because they receive profit from advertising travel agencies. As a result, the situation is repeated as it was with MMM: when many people believed television advertising and entrusted their money and vouchers fraudsters from MMM.

Without a visa in the UAE - Dubai, UAE Blogs and travel notes of tourists in Dubai on the turmp

When will finally stop lying from television screens?!

How many people can fool.

From the face of all deceived tourists, I appeal to the President of Russia in.V.Putin.

If we really want to create civil society, then I consider it a civil debt to warn and offer. Please make it finally in the domestic turbines. Do not wait for the next collapse of a major tour operator when you have to export our tourists from foreign resorts, as it was in 2012.

1 \ hold a mandatory audit of all tourist firms, a sanation ***************, consolidation of up to 3-5 tour operators, putting them under the control of the state.

2 \ Recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the our Federation and other state structures should be mandatory for tourist companies.

3 \ It is necessary to approve a typical agreement on the provision of tourist services, where the responsibility of travel agencies, including in the case of force majeure, will be obligatory.

And what would you suggest Putin?

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Without a visa in the UAE - Dubai, UAE Blogs and travel notes of tourists in Dubai on the turmp

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