With the mind in Suomi

Well, what to do, every time I see something foolic in the lines of Mandelstam. We, sailors, smoked cynic. Scroll, tanned, weathered and just windy. But the trouble is a nail in the marine soul the question – and what is there, on Syme, such that the poet Osip Mandelstam suddenly recalled his Palestinian Heart? The answer is quite complicated. Everyone who visited Vyborg thought – and that if hence the yacht in Finland? Especially since some time it became a reality. But as you understand, there are two solutions here – to go on a yacht in the Saimen Channel (on him to the revolution twice a day, a comfortable steamer AHF to Kuopio himself, and this is the province of Savo) or choose a direction on peatovenik – to South Finland and the city Hamin. But we have some prejudice against the open sea to go from the rather closed city of Vyborg and its regime surroundings. Therefore, if you start from Vyborg, then it’s better to still on Saima.

But before you decide on such a feat, it is better to know a few things in advance. A period suitable for walking on lakes and along the coast of Finland is limited – from the beginning of May to the end of September. Although summer days make it possible to walk and white nights. Water freezes from December to March or even the beginning of April (in the northern part of the combat bay – until May).

The number of lakes in Finland varies somewhat – from 55,000 to 188,000. It’s all about the calculation method and in toponymy. Nevertheless, the possibility for navigating endless. The length of the coastline is 4830 kilometers (this is calculated quite accurately). In addition, behind the redesters of the coastline of more than eighty thousand islands, including the Alday Archipelago. Most of the coastal cities have a developed port infrastructure, where there are always several berths for guests. Both bays are considered the most developed – and Finnish, and combat. Here, port structures are found every 10-20 marine miles. Nevertheless, the best chances for the repair (God forbid) Service persists around the main city of Helsinki Country. It is not surprising in the country that makes one of the best yachts in the world. True, it is emphasis here for sailing yachts, as the most economical and eco-friendly. Helsinki, Turku, Hanko, Rauma, Lovyisa, Pietearsaari are considered the main yacht centers (the famous SWANs are made here), and Olanland Island with the harbor Mary (Mariehamn).

But we are going to go to the Siemene Channel. In addition to the roams with the brothers, you must clearly imagine that the Finnish channel control should be notified at least a week about what you are going to go there. If you go from the Vyborg side, the ship must have on board the our pilot between the gateways of the vortex and lingonberry. Customs clearance occurs on the customs pier Nuyamaaa, an item that is divided, leaving the our length of the channel on one side, on another – Finnish. While you go along the channel, two channels should work on your VHF – 11 (SAYMEN Gateways) and 9 (SAYMEN VTS – dispatching vessel movements). Gateways in the course of movement eight, and they are all built on the same technology. Surprises should not be.

Now you can go to Lappenranta (write on all questions [email&# 160; Protected]) maybe answer. Lappenranta (district 61 ° 4’14"N, 28 ° 18’14"E) You can choose as a base for a high-kilometer travel before PUUMAL. In fact, this is quite enough to relax well, because navigating from the mouth of the Saymen Canal along the Lake Complex Sima is a mixture of a puzzle with fishing. As for the base – Lappeenranta City Marina was awarded the title of Best Marina for Guests. It is located within walking distance of the center, and here all Finnish guests are collected "Chips": sauna, shower, service station, dock, laundry, electricity, water, tank cleaning, skeptic, phones, cafes and shop.

We have free time, and we will go to the city better. By the way, here a new restaurant opened Linnoituksen Krouvi (Vesiportinkuja 5, Lappeenranta Fortress). He specializes in beer and fault from small European manufacturers. Here is all the small, and those who have not been before in Finland, some things will seem toy or too modest. But do not forget that Lutheranism is based on the basis of life, and it teaches – be modest! Actually, I personally prefer the SERRA restaurant with a terrace. There champagne is no more expensive than 59 euros for a bottle and fried pike perch of 10 euros. And a very separate event Marjola – Hotel at Cape "Close to nature, not far from the city" On the shores of Lake Saimaa, 7 km from the city center. Sauna – 70 euros for ten. And after the sauna, I really want to feel like a ship disperse dark waters of the lake. Well, it happens with everyone, regardless of the number of beer Karjala.

But we can already go further. Then the adventures begin, because such a number of islands that need to be around, can hardly be found somewhere else. If you take the city of Puumala, which is directly only 32 miles, and on the schoras and islands and all 70, then you are still waiting for adventures. True, they, like everyone else in Finland, can wear the character of the adventures of the Spirit, not the body, because here everything is saturated with the philosophy of nature. As soon as you leave north, rich cattelusaari, then there will be even enough space to get involved. The main thing is that the local is not near. Your wave can scare them and alert.

About the adventures of the Spirit. When the our tourist says: "And I was in Germany, an amazingly boring country!", Two questions for him: "Maybe you just have little money to have fun?", "And what is your understanding of fun – selling love, cocaine, champagne in the bath and face on the first floor?". And then it becomes clear that real people can relax only in the north, on the northern waters and expanses. Because there is no selling love at every step, because here Cocaine is hidden in some tritons, because in the end, there are no people here, and you remain, finally, one on one with nature that can teach you in a week more than all human svop for ten years. So. Rest in the north and only in the north. Just do not get on my eyes.

Puumala itself – a small town. You will quickly find the harbor. Those who are interested in history will be interesting to visit the bunker, preserved since the time of war. our navigators can not not admire the pace of local history, its memory and temporary lag. Just listen: "Puumala church community was established around 1616, and then there was its own church. It is not known whether it was built simultaneously with the formation of the church community or even earlier, in the 1500s. During the Northern War, when, after a Poltava battle, our troops occupied part of Finland, the church suffered a lot. The church community did not have funds for repairs, and over time the church was completely collapsed. In 1751 a new church was built. But during the war, in 1789-1791, she suffered the same fate as the first". At the same time, the church in Puumal stands and perfectly feels.

Another option that does not imply contact with our border serves, is freight boats in Helsinki. With basic, for example, in the yacht club on the island of Lautasaari 60o09’2"N – 24O53.7’e.

With the mind in Suomi

Every August on the territory of the Yacht Club HSK on the island of Lautasaari is held one of the significant yacht events of Finland – the annual bot show. If anyone is interested – last year the total of 218 corps of motor vessels, as well as 62 sailing yachts of various European manufacturers. And since the beginning of the year, about nine thousand new yachts and boats were sold in Finland, which is 12% more than last year. So the place is solid, like our "Petrel".

Here you can come from England on your boat or from Germany. In fact, it is an island that is connected to the big Helsinki through Highwei, and exactly opposite it – the city’s cargo port. But excellent infrastructure and repair and other possibilities. If you have friends in Helsinki, of course, you can get up by the wall next to the channel street (Kanavakatu). Customs clearance takes place on the island of Suomenlinna, in the southwest Helsinki. There is a special sump for yachts. So no seagull will fly past the valiant Finnish border guards. All arriving at the expense of the court over 12 meters must keep the VHF channel 71. Court more than 20 meters must inform Savonlinna the name of the vessel, route. Approximately the same report should be conveyed to the authorities and during the exit of the ship from the port of Helsinki.

Helsinki itself is a curious city. But we try to exit in the direction of the city of Kotka (in Finnish – Eagle). When entering the East, you must remember that the region of the nearest Islands of Santahamine and Isosaari is marked on the map as a region of military shooting. Therefore, you will have to pass by Cape Jollas and walk along the islands of the type Wuita to Porvo – the ancient capital of Finland. Of course, a trip to the Finnish bay is not a slip in the quiet glaolding of fresh water of Saima. It is salt water, it is almost the sea, here you have to be attentive to the weather forecast. Navigation between the mainland and the islands like Grano, Molandet, Simsajo, Opanholmen is quite lively – many Finns here are cottages and cottages. Nevertheless, the shores of the islands are available for landing, and coastal waters – for parking.

Porvo can be based on the parking lots of the local yacht club, which is called Swedish Borga Segelsallskap (BSS) N 60O18.96 ‘, E 25O 35.53 ‘, in general, in just 27 marine miles from Helsinki. The yacht club itself was founded in 1906. Today in it 137 registered courts. If what, call: + 358-9-2391913 or Cellular: + 358-400-106038. Porvo city worth seeing, at least to imagine that there was to the famous fire of 1700.

The farther to the east, the more small and medium-sized islands – the full detached for lovers of Nature -Sarvisalo, Vtskar, Kejvsalo, Hudo and so on. Our next stop in the yacht club of the city of Lovisis.

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