Witch market

Under the inconspicuous concrete pavilion of the Sonor market, there is everything to cure a suffering soul and fulfill any desire. Sellers of wonderful goods, they are lycari, they are magicians, listen to the problem of the client and write a recipe from trouble on a notepad leaflet.

Between urban highways, which in Mexico City are called axes, one of the most unusual world markets will be clamped. Nearby are the old fire station and a quarter from narrow confused streets – an example of what was previously this area.

The opening of the long iron-concrete pavilion almost 60 years ago began with a solemn fusion incense to expel the evil spirits from the future market. It was the first similar case in the history of the inauguration of public facilities, which determined the fate of the market. He became the place of attraction of witches, magicians and those who are looking for a non-standard solution to their problem. At the Bazaar of Sonora in terms of the number of rows with objects for the departure of various cults it becomes clear that Mexico – only on the form of the statistical committee Catholic country. In fact, in houses under the icons are the figurines of holy death, amulets lie, smoke incense and burn candles, specially conspired to attract love or wealth to the house.

For someone who does not decide to dive into a thick cloud of strange smells and sounds, but only pass next to the Sonor’s market, everything looks harmless. The area intended for the parking lot took the manual dishes made by hand. They go through the Indian villages and buy crazy and flattened bowls and rear courtyards bowls, spoons, cups. If you go deep into, you can find children’s carnival costumes, so favorite little Mexicans. There are also trading rows with wooden cradle, rocking horses, puppets and other things that are no longer found in ordinary stores with the smell of Chinese plastic. Then there comes a turn of glass and ceramic dishes made in the vicinity of the city of Colliers Guanajuato. Local love it to be bright and heavy, and with pleasure beating her during quarrels. Fortunately, the price will allow constantly updating the contents of the kitchen servant. Here they sell huge clay saucepans for cooking sauces of two or three dozen ingredients.

Witch market

According to the tradition of the Dovespan Market, there is a section with live animals and birds. Chicken cacuchating mixes with her bumps and meoweashing pets that are waiting for their owners. There you can buy Brazilian Tukanan with a huge beak. Parrots, according to sellers, are able to talk in different languages, and some – even telling short jokes. Hamsters and white mice dozens ash in total cell. Eggs of all kinds of birds (even peacocks), as well as roosters, ducks, rabbits, iguana and snakes – not the whole range. Merchants can be asked to bring to order any animal – they will even get the unicorn.

But it is precisely the far part of the market, hidden behind the faded corridors with animal cells, made the Sonora market famous. There, on the rear rows, there is everything to cure the body and soul. On the shelves you can find amulets from feathers of wild birds, dreams of dreams, candles of various forms, colors and sizes, gold powder, black salt, holy water, enchanted slices of soap and flasks with lotions. Greately in demand uses products related to love. Little Voodoo dolls to revenge former or former, sprays, "attracting handsome and rich", butter, powders. To all attached by the Seller’s guide for the use of each. I know people who collect these instructions for rituals and poetic spells.

Witch market

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