Winter Trout Festival in Hwaghon

In winter, on a thick layer of ice, a mountain stream Hwagchon in the province of Canvon – Before you can see a lot of fishermen with rods in your hands, which carefully follow the float waiting, when finally trout will come on the hook. It is used that most often the trout is found in clean water. "Caught!!"," Suddenly the joyful cry of a lucky will be distributed, the expectation of which was rewarded by the first catch. It is very interesting to watch tourists focusing on the opening of the holes, as well as for those who are in one summer T-shirts to get into the ice water of a mountain stream to try to catch a nickered fish. Everyone who comes to this fascinating festival family enjoys raised fishing, sledding with snow slides and on ice, driving on Snow-Mobiles and other diverse winter entertainment, which you can imagine.

If you have come to Trouta Festival, then be sure to try your hand in her catch. For this, there are several ways: the parents in the holes pierced in the thicker of the ice, with the help of fishing rod; Extreme fishing with bare hands, in which they will have to enter the water, as well as fishing on an artificial bait with spinning.

Winter Trout Festival in Hwaghon

This method is the most popular among fisheries lovers. For finished fishing, it is necessary to cut down in a 30 centimeter thicker of ice hole, using special tools for this. Attaching the hook to the hook, lower it into the water until the bottom, and then make the movement rod up and down to attract the attention of the fish. As soon as the Trout is baptized, it should be carefully taking a fishing line and pull it up. So, you can pull your first prey from the water! Caught trout to fold to the polyethylene package issued to you and again try to work. Later, when fishing will be finished, it will be possible to attribute my catch to one of the restaurants located nearby, and in place to enjoy my own caught fish – in the raw form (HWE), or, frying it on the fire.

If a long expectation during fishing is not for you, try your hand in fishing with bare hands. To take part in this exotic fishing, it is necessary to apply directly on the day of Lov. After that, you will be given a package where you can place your catch, as well as T-shirt and shorts to participate in trout fishing competitions with bare hands. Rejected into the issued clothing, it is necessary to make a small warming workout, and then – you can start directly to the debris itself, which is carried out in a special ice pool. To try good luck, all crosses are given 3 minutes, during which you can catch a maximum of three fish. After the end of this cheerful competition, all fishermen can freeze in a special hot tub.

Winter Trout Festival in Hwaghon

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