Winter holidays in India – Features and weather

If the homeland is frosty, snow and divergent, and you are tired of gray, India is a great place for winter holidays.

Weather in India in winter for months

Winter holidays at sunny resorts are attractive for tourists who want to take a break from snow, relax on the beaches and enjoy the summer – this is a real exotic. The weather depends on the resort and the month:

  • December – For vacation, the Arabian coast is suitable – Kerala and Goa, rest in India saturated and calm. Temperature day + 34 °, at night +22, in water – 28. Frequent phenomenon – light western wind, which saves from heat, in water purely, the sea is calm, in Mumbai – a little cool day (+32), warmer at night (+25);
  • January – the heat falls, light wind brings coolness, and there is still no precipitation. Holidays in India in January is, first of all, pastime on the beach. On Goa Day + 33 °, at night +22, in water – 27. Similar weather in Mumbai and Chennai;
  • February – It feels the approach of the hot season, however, rest in India in February is comfortable due to high humidity. The rains go a couple of days, in Kerala and on Goa Day + 34 °, at night – up to 23, in water – 28.

Winter India is beautiful in all – the weather has a serene holiday on the beaches, sightseeing, even – to active entertainment. You can go not only on Goa, but also in Kerala, Chennai, Mumbai, Carnataka. And when you just lie on the sand and do nothing to do, in the mountains you are waiting for real winter – softer, but snow-covered.

Winter entertainment in India

What entertainment and classes are cooked for travelers who decided to go to India in the winter months? Of course, the bulk of tourists goes to sunny resorts to relax on the beaches, but there are other ways to leisure activities:

Winter holidays in India - Features and weather
  • Diving and snorcling – In February, the sea is calm and transparent everywhere, you can enjoy the delicious types of underwater world. The best places – on the coast of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, however, permission is required to visit;
  • Excursions in Delhi and to other attractions – in the north of India noticeably cool, rains are rare, the day of the thermometer is shown in the afternoon + 24 °. Inspecting architectural delights, you can not suffer from heat. It is recommended to see Dudchsagar, the Cathedral of St. Catherine, Fort Aguada, Arvel Waterfall;
  • Water entertainment – Sea walks, parachute, countless attractions will come to adults and children. For such a holiday, Baga Beach, Miramar, Vagator, Don Paula fits. Rafting uses popularity;
  • skiing – in the Himalayas in winter, frost cracks, rest in India in January and February will like Extreme lovers. In Kashmir and the Utra Pradeshe, the temperature drops to -8 degrees, there are gatherings of avalante and snowfall, the truth, the active tourists do not stop this;
  • Festivals and holidays – Going to India, it is worth at least once at national ideas. So, on January 14, the colorful festival of paper serpents is held, December 25 – Christmas with solemn services, and at the end of February – religious holidays with fairs.

Winter India – Real Paradise For Fans of Beautiful Landscapes and Photographers. Beautiful weather, wealth of cultural and natural values, bright paints and fabulous atmosphere – local resorts do not accidentally enjoy the recognition of tourists.

Local festivals are impressive, national holidays are characterized by a special flavor, and tourists are always happy here, so you can not just see, but also to participate in ideas.

Advantages of winter holidays in India

Rest in India In January, February or December, there is a massive advantage compared to alternative options:

  • Beautiful weather conditions are hot, but no stuffiness;
  • A variety of accommodation options – dozens of hotels are located not only on Goa, but also in other resorts;
  • Indian cuisine is characterized by gastronomic delights;
  • Quiet and peaceful sea;
  • Abundance of beautiful landscapes;
  • Many entertainment, including – in the mountains;
  • Famous sights of India;
  • Affordable prices – in February they decrease by 10-15%.

Fabulous India combines Eastern traditions and European freedom. Here a lot is aimed at tourists, winter entertainment is diverse and interesting, and the weather is characteristic of softness.

The lack of heat, rains and cold winds make the local resorts perfect for a tourist who wants to go to India on Christmas holidays and at another time when gray winter houses are already tired.

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