Winter holidays in Holland

On the eve of New Year, the Dutch celebrates St. Sylvester’s Day. December 31, everyone is in a hurry to get up early: the one who got the last gets a nickname "Sylvester" and must pay a fine. In the old days, the girls tried to be especially diligent and fulfill all their work before sunset, in order to get married in the coming year. And Dutch children most love the Day of St. Nicholas (December 5). On this day, they arrange costume processions and get bags with traditional sweets as a gift. And yet the main holiday is December 25, Christmas.

In the Netherlands it is worth come for Christmas. It is said that in the holy night, animals are beginning to talk here in human, and water becomes wine. And not ordinary wine, but good French. Still say that this night you can see "Wild hunt" unclean strength under the leadership of the Water. Folk fantasy in this dance found a place even to historical persons – Attile, Carlo Great and Napoleon. You look, no, no yes and some character flashes from our history. In some towns, you can observe how tube in the Christmas horn to drive the participants of the hellish hunt. This long curved horn (it reaches the length of the meter, and then the one and a half) is made of wood or metal earlier in the horn During all the twigs – from Christmas Eve to baptism. Or maybe you will see in one of the Dutch houses the magic plant "Jericho rose" (which is not at all rose) or some other evergreen rarity. Evergreen Plant, as you know – the symbol of revival. Therefore, it is so important for the new year proximity to a green source of life, so we are with you and dress your Christmas trees.

Visit Holland well and then to play for the Christmas table in "Bobov King" and choose the queen with which you will have a strong mystical connection for a long time. Also selected a dowry jester, Velmazby, black Peter. At the same time, Velmazbi must repeat all the movements of the king and queen.

On the second day of Christmas, December 26, Protestants visit various concerts, and Catholics – the Day of the memory of St. Stephen, who is considered a patron of livestock, especially horses. In the temples, hay and oats are sanctified. In the village, the boys wear the hay’s oyan houses, leaving the bull shoes in each house for a cow, and their owners treat. Equestrian competitions are organized everywhere.

Winter holidays in Holland

The whole country, especially Amsterdam, was littered with souvenirs. In souvenir shops, christmas counters and in flower markets you can buy all sorts of things.. Do not forget to bring a typical Dutch gift – rare bulbs in beautiful circles. True, souvenirs are quite expensive.

Netherlands – Truly Magic Country. For christmas it is especially noticeable.

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