Winter fairy tale for the new year: 7 copyright tours that will be remembered

It is still unknown whether new limitations will be whether the external borders will not close again and will it be possible to go at least to the neighboring region. Nevertheless, the service of travel and travel "Tutu.RU "made a selection of tours from the" adventure tutu ", which will transfer you to the winter fairy tale. And if something goes wrong, money will be returned.

Kola Peninsula: Cemetery of Ships, Northern Lights and Samsk Village

Dates: December 31, 2020 – January 4, 2021
Cost: 18 500 USD with man
Group size: 5-16 people

Tour on the Kola begins with a trip to the endless expanses of Tundra from Murmansk on the coast of the Barents Sea. The base is located in the village of Lodeynoye, away from larger settlements, so that privacy and peace are guaranteed, as well as salted sea air, scenic locations for a photo and a good company. Instead of traditional attractions – a pebble beach with "Dragons’ eggs, a cemetery of ships in Teriberka, where Leviafan was filmed, a battery waterfall, which in winter almost completely freezes, the Saami village and much more.

New Year’s banquet in the usual understanding here is not provided: "On the table" the group covers together, everyone will have to prepare themselves. But the meeting of the New Year will pass in the circle of like-minded travelers. For dessert – hunting for the northern shine. And in the morning of January 1 – coffee cooked on the ocean.

To Murmansk will need to get yourself. Prices for flight to Murmansk on December 30 from Moscow, according to ", starting from 7600 rubles., from St. Petersburg – from 6500 rubles.

Kamchatka: volcanoes, harms and mountain skiing

Dates: December 21-26, 2020 and 3-8 January 2021
Cost: 49 900 USD with man
Group size: 1-16 people

Reboot After a heavy 2020 in Kamchatka – this is a snowmobile walk along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, sledding and swimming in the thermal pool. Travelers will take part in the master class of traditional crafts and in the games of indigenous peoples, will go to look at the Avachinsky and Koryak volcanoes on snowmobiles, skiing on the tracks, where training of members of the our national skiing teams are held.

Accommodation is scheduled for the hotel with the thermal pool and developed infrastructure. The hotel has a restaurant, roller with the possibility of renting skates, tubing.

Tickets for a plane from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, from where the tour starts, to the right dates cost from about 14,000 – 15,000 rubles. For one way.

Karelia: New Year in the Northern Traditions

Dates: December 30, 2020 – January 3, 2021
Cost: 26 400 USD with man
Group size: 2-4 people

This tour is most suitable for travelers from St. Petersburg – the group leaves from there. On the way to Petrozavodsk, the guides are offered to visit the Farmer Manor Complex, where you can visit the mini-zoo and have a snack in the local refectory, Alexander Svir Monastery – one of the most grand monastery architectural complexes in all Russia, and the National Museum of Olonts, where the participants of the tour will take Participation in the New Year’s interactive with the hero of Karelian fairy tales and legends by frost Pacquain and master class for the manufacture of Christmas toys from Beresta.

Instead of pre-New Year worries on December 31 in the program Sightseeing tour of Petrozavodsk, Kivach Reserve, where the second largest plain waterfall of Europe, not freezing even in winter, the patrimony of Karelian Santa Claus – Talvi Ukcko, acquaintance with dishes of Karelian cuisine, skating dog or deer sledding. New Year’s banquet will be held in one of Petrozavodsk restaurants.

The tour includes the interactive program "Nekcomlevskaya Christmas tree" in the most fun village of Karelia – Kindasovo, a trip to the city of Sortavala, who will transfer to the era of Vikings, visiting the Ruskeala mountain park, where you can look at the waterfalls, ride a sleigh or fly on the troll along the marble canyon.

Flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg in the morning of December 30 costs from 2500 rubles.

North Ossetia: Beauty of snowy mountains

Dates: January 4-8, 2021
Cost: 32 900 rubles. with man
Group size: 6-15 people

In this tour of the participants are waiting for the main sights of Vladikavkaz, the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of Ossetians, the picturesque gorges, monuments of wooden architecture, unique necropolis "City of the Dead", swimming in thermal sources in the open sky and much more.

For an additional fee you can fly in a balloon if the weather allows you to visit the Family Recreation Park and Entertainment in the Kobanesky Gorge, take part in the New Year Fair, ride quad bikes.

Plus this tour – the opportunity to celebrate the new year at home, and then go on a journey. Prices for flight from Moscow to Vladikavkaz in the morning of January 4 begin from 4600 rubles.

Baikal: The biggest rink in the world

Dates: January 4-9, 2021
Cost: 27,700 rubles. with man
Group size: 5-15 people

Winter fairy tale for the new year 7 copyright tours that will be remembered

Behind the winter fairy tale in this round, endless expanses are answered, snow-covered mountains and crystal clear and ringing Baikal ice. Skates will be useful: the ability to ride on the largest rink in the world is impossible to miss. But here the organizers will issue special lake skates, which look like a lightweight aluminum platform with a blade and fastening for a shoe.

Also, the participants of the tour will visit the huzir village hired by shamanist believers, the White Stuip of Enlightenment, which invested various Buddhist relics, hold a sunset at Cape Burkhan. And there will be at least one "session" of skating – on the Sarma River Gorge. And in Khuzhir, it will be possible to rent bicycles and make a bicycle rocker along the shores of the Small Sea right on the ice.

Flight from Moscow to Irkutsk, from where the group starts, on the desired dates costs from 6000 rubles.

Vyborg: Holidays with medieval flavor

Dates: December 31, 2020 – January 2, 2021
Cost: 13 850 USD with man
Group size: 5-45 people

Gingerbread Vyborg is an excellent alternative to European cities with their traditional Christmas fairs, where it will not work out this year. During the tour, the participants will plunge into the medieval atmosphere of the city, will get acquainted with his sights, they will see the well-preserved Vyborg castle on the castle island, go through a narrow streets paving a paving slave.

In a knightly house, real knightly armor can be performed, to arrange a photo session, shoot on arbount tarches and crossbow, see the reconstruction of the knightly tournament. In general, a complete immersion in the times of valiant knight’s feats and sinister fires of the Inquisition.

An excursion is also provided to the Chocolate Museum, where you can find out all about the history of this delicacy, the secrets of production and, of course, to participate in tasting. Another excursion will be held in the Museum-Reserve "Park Montreo" – the only landscape rock in Russia.

To join the tour, you must first get to St. Petersburg. Flight from Moscow in the morning December 31 costs from 2900 rubles.

Svetlogorsk: European New Year

Dates: December 30, 2020 – January 3, 2021
Cost: 21 900 rubles. with man
Group size: 6-10 people

Another opportunity to remember how there is in Europe, – to go to Svetlogorsk and see the medieval German architecture, well-preserved in the Kaliningrad region, enjoy walking along the shore of the Baltic Sea, to visit the sandy Curonian spit, walk around the amazing "dancing" forest.

A separate day in the program has been highlighted in Kaliningrad: Lithuanian shaft, Zakhaimsk gates, royal gates, Museum of World Ocean, Fish Village and Cathedral. Contemporary, Soviet and German architecture of the XVIII-XIX centuries are quietly intertwined in the city.

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