Wine list of Spain

Spain, together with France and Italy, is the top three in the world "Wine countries". True Spaniard does not think dinner without a glass of other wine, which is essentially the same national drink like vodka for our. In Spain, excellent wines that are hardly done by all regions. Separate varieties – and all of them more than a thousand, – exceptional quality.

In this wine sea is not so easy. Our modest knowledge in this area, which are reduced to the fact that the red wine is served to meat, and white – to fish, only the basics in the complex science, which the Spaniards know almost with the diaper.

"Queen" Spanish Wine rightly considered the famous "Rioja", produced in the province of the same name in the north of the country. By the way, every four bottles of ten sold in 2003. Especially famous for the world’s famous red varieties from Ryoi. As a rule, they have a tart taste, and serve these wines to beef or Palela. In total, there are more than five hundred species – from cheap, spilled in tetra-packs and supplied abroad, to prestigious brands manufactured in small quantities and sold in astronomical prices – sometimes more than a thousand dollars for a bottle.

But in Spain there are other faults that are not less popular. Pleasants Waldepenas Wine, Lamanchi, Malaga, Extremadura. Perhaps they have no such fame like "Riohi", But many of them are not inferior to her to taste. Wine "Malagno", for example. In Russia, it was known in the XVIII century.

In 1792, Catherine II issued a decree, in accordance with which the Spanish company "Ermandad Vieras" released from the payment of duty for the Wine imported to Russia, produced in the province of Malaga in the south of the country.

And shortly before, according to the historian of winemaking José Manuel Moreno, various wine-making firms tried to supply their products of lower quality by the imperial yard, issuing her for wine from Malaga. Andalus winemakers were seriously concerned that such "advertising" may apply them irreparable damage, and decided to put an end to the desire. Through the Spanish Ambassador in Russia, they sent Catherine II batch of the best drink so that the empress could appreciate the taste and aroma of real wine produced on the earth of Malaga. Catherine really appreciated a gift, evidence of what was mentioned above the decree, as well as the disposal to buy only wine from Malaga.

Perhaps it’s just a legend. But it confirms the fame of Malaga to a certain extent – one of the most ancient wine-making regions of the Pyrenean Peninsula.

But, as they say, not only wine is alive Spaniard. For many centuries already in this country, there is an unshakable tradition, which all its inhabitants adhere to, – on birthday, for Christmas or new year, it is consistently lifted to the Fuuder Kava, the most famous champagne on the Pyrenees.

Kava almost two hundred years younger than famous "Widow Klico": The first bottle of it was filled in 1872. Shortly before that Jose Ravenos, one of the representatives of the family owners of the winery company "Codornel", I visited the French champagne, where I tried the local champagne: it resembled Catalan wines in his taste. The only thing that distinguished them is mysterious bubbles, at the time not known in Spain.

Returning to the Motherland, José Raveneos began to experiment until he solved the secret of bubbles and did not achieve the appearance of the first bottle of Catalan champagne, called Kava (Catalan – "cave" or "basement", Where is the process of making a hip drink).

And seven years later, 72 drawers of this champagne were sold in Barcelona. Another 13 years, Kava became the first Nephrantsky champagne, who received the Gold Medal of Quality at the XIII exhibition in Bordeaux. It was noted Kava and at international exhibitions in Paris and Amsterdam, – and there they understand the drinks in drinks.

True, this was preceded by a solid advertising campaign, not devoid of originality and even adventurism. José Raventos launched a caravan of carts, loaded with bottles with sparkling wine, along the narrow streets of Barcelona, ​​blocking movement for several hours. Sultious scandal broke out. Urban authorities imposed a fair penalty. José Raveneos paid it, but all Barcelonians started talking about Kave. And not only spoke, but also began to buy it.

Wine list of Spain

After a while firm "Codornel" honored to be called the official supplier of the royal court of Madrid: Kava crossed the borders of Barcelona, ​​and Soon and Spain. In 1894, the first parties of the Spanish champagne went to foreign swimming – in Cuba and in Argentina, where he was waiting for a worthy reception. Now "Codornel" Each year supplies millions of bottles of drink in 140 countries of the world, but the first party arrived in Russia only in 1990.

No less popular Kava and the other "Empire" – "Freichet", Also from Catalonia. by the way, "Freichet" – The only drink in the world that the French was allowed to call champagne, to which only French manufacturers are eligible. They say that a long time ago in the Reims Department, in the center of France winemaking, the vineyards struck some kind of bug. To save the national heritage, the French brought out the sprouts of the grape vines in Spain. When the bugs were finished, the vine returned to his homeland. In gratitude for her salvation, the French and allowed the Spaniards to call "Freichet" Champagne. True, the Spaniards did not take advantage of this favor, believing that their Kava does not need it.

And, of course, among drinks used by the Spaniards, it is impossible not to mention the sherry, the best varieties of which are made only in this country. More precisely, in the small Andalus town of Jerez de la Frontera.

Most often sherry, relatively strong wine about 20 degrees, it goes as aperitif. In every self-respecting restaurant, including outside Andalusia, the Motherland of Jerez, before dinner, you will be offered a little cooled (to a temperature of 9-11 ° C) sherry in a glass, with your shape reminiscent tulip. Its capacity is up to one hundred grams, but it is filled only by one third to, as Spaniards say, Wine "Whether freedom of movement". Often a tray with wine glasses filled with sherry, standing at the entrance to the restaurant. And no one will condemn you if you, before passing the table, the tip of the wineproof. It has "Halyavny" drink is a pretty characteristic spicy taste and fragrance that really awaken appetite.

But Jerez – Wine Universal. Some of his varieties, for example, sweet, are good for dessert, as the digestion improves. Others go under smoked fish, – Wine aroma will completely scratch smoking and fish fat.

Jerez not only accompanies the menu, but also participates in its creation. Any owner of the Spanish restaurant, if you ordered the broth, will definitely bring the bottle of this wine and advise pour a spoon-other. In the process of cooking, the sherry is often added to sauces, vegetable and other dishes.

Of course, these drinks are not exhausted by the tastes of the Spaniards. Recently, they increasingly give preference to beer. About this conversation is special, – traditionalists worry that beer gradually displaces wine. Last year, for example, the average resident of Pyreneev drank more than 70 liters of beer and. Total 37 liters of wine. Not because of this, the Spaniards became worse to play football?

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