Window wonders

On this photo, two Polish wrestle are captured: Yang Fulandis (height of 1.56 m) and Adam Sandurian (2.14 m) – at the 1980 Moscow Olympiad. Sandurian took a bronze medal in the weight category over 100 kg, and Fulandis ranked fourth in the ultralight weight – up to 48 kg. On the right photo captured athletes later years, they are friends so far. Learn also 10 facts about record holders.

Honor me back

Minute positive in the morning. Admire how this little turtle rejoices when she scores the back! By the way, the most ancient fossil turtles are more than 220 million, they lived on Earth long before people (find out about other prehistoric and much more dangerous animals). Archelon, one of these ancient ancestors of modern reptiles, weighed about 2 tons! Still these protocoires had strong teeth, but they did not know how to hide their heads in the shell. To date, the largest of all the torch – leathery turtle. Its weight can reach 700-900 kg.

And from our window

Almost a third of the world is now on quarantine. But people do not lose and invent various entertainment. For example, publish in social networks views from their windows. Many of them are very picturesque! Someone is visible by the Swiss Alps, someone – Skyscrapers of New York, and someone admires on the tiled roofs of Cusco. Previously, "My Planet" published a large photo project dedicated to the windows opposite.

Wall on the wall

Window wonders

A few years ago, otters began to appear in the Rivers of Singapore. Now, during quarantine, they are completely osmpelled and arrange in the middle of the water real gangster disassembly! By the way, you know why such a cute animal was given such a strange name? It happens, whether from the ancient Indian "UDRC", or from the ancient Greek "Hura", but both words mean the same thing: "water animal".

Truth in wine

You know what is happening in this picture, made the other day in French P├╝hliny Monrachech? No, this is not a photosport of how supporters of the dry law and the gods of the vines passed on the vineyards. On the contrary, the photo captured as owners and vineyard workers try to save grapes from frosts. Their in the old man was warm by warm candles and special garden smoke-forming. By the way, in Puligy-Monsche make some of the best French wines. Still with such an approach! Purchase our material about the rules of life of the Crimean winery.

Window wonders

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