Why winter does not warm the sun?

As you know, the Earth makes a full turn around the Sun for 365 days and 6 hours. During this time, the distance between them varies from 142 million km to 151 million km. At the same time, each hemisphere of our planet takes turns to this huge hot star, and then in the countries that are in it, summer comes, and in the countries of another hemisphere – Winter. (Find out how in Australia is called our summer: summer or winter?)

It would seem that the reason for the lack of heat is the distance. But no. Everything is a little more difficult. The fact is that the Earth rotates not only around the Sun, but also around its own axis, which is tilted relative to the trajectory of the movement at an angle of about 23 °. From here a different duration of the daylight. If it were not for this tilt, day and night in any place of our planet would last equally, and throughout the day the sun would be in the zenith. This does not occur, since in the winter the angle of inclination of the earth axle removes the surface of the planet, making the light day in short. Consequently, the sunshine is simply not enough time to warm the ground, and the air temperature decreases.

Why winter does not warm the sun

You can conduct an experiment: bring the palm to the table lamp, without touching it, and then start rotating your hand, changing the angle of incidence of radiation from the lamp on the palm. You will notice that at the moment when the palm is parallel to the lamp, it heats up much faster than when inclined. The same with the Earth: in the summer, when the light day is longer and the sun is above the horizon above, it warms the earth stronger, and that, in turn, heats the air and it gets warm.

Why winter does not warm the sun

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