Which side is the best selfie and is there a favorite perspective from artists?

Most often we see ourselves in the mirror, where the face is reflected from left to right. So in the pictures where the image is read correctly, I don’t always like yourself. (About why another image in the mirror differs from the photo, "My Planet" wrote earlier.)

In 2012, Kelsi Blackburn and James Shirillo, teachers of American Wake-Forest, asked 37 students to evaluate photos of ten men and women. Each picture was presented in two versions: the original and "reflected". The study showed that the left side of the person is usually considered an attractive right. At the same time, scientists relied not only on the words of students, but also to the reaction of pupils, the size of which increases when we look at pleasant images.

A similar result was received by Face Research Lab, conducted in the same year a study for Nikon Coolpix. Moreover, another interesting conclusion was made: most of us are mistaken in the choice of angle. The company interviewed 100 people to find out what way of his face they consider attractive. And then photographed models on both sides and asked judges to appreciate. The most profitable perspective was correctly called only 36% of women. Yes, they again turned out to be the left side of the face.

"Mona Lisa" Leonardo da Vinci, "Portrait of a stranger" Kramsky, "Lace" of Tropinin, "Girl with peaches" Serov. Despite the fact that some people prefer to be photographed on the right, on many portraits of famous artists of the model are rotated with the left. Why? "My Planet" asked experts.

Usually, when the artist writes a model, it is not guided by the way to choose – it happens rather unconsciously. He has other criteria. For example, it is important where the light is dropping. Portraits are best done during the day in a bit cloudy weather, when there are too bright yellowish spots on the most illuminated areas of the face, and the shadows blurred and transparent. And to avoid sharp shadows under the eyes and nose, you need to turn face to the light source.

Maria held a creative experiment, together in Photoshop, only the left half of their own person (left), and then only the right. Found two different people!

Usually artists do not seek to show the ideal. In our environment, there is even an assertion that all beautiful faces are asymmetric. It seems to me that this is because the creators of beauty should be alive, real. When two objects are completely identical, a vague anxiety arises. Look at the portraits, constructed only from the right or, on the contrary, left half of the same face. The complete feeling that something is wrong here.

Photographer, graduate of the British Higher School of Design, participant of exhibitions and biennale of contemporary art:

In the theory of composition there is such an aesthetic concept as S-shaped line, or "beauty line". This wave-like line introduces a special grace in the image. Its properties were noted by Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. S-shaped bend is transmitted by boundaries or outlines of the depicted item and is always perceived emotionally. It embodies the flow of life, at the same time being a means of balancing and creating proportions. On large portraits, the line is read in the turn of the head and setting the shoulder, and it often turns out that it is easier to pass it on.

Fibonacci numbers in art

Which side is the best selfie and is there a favorite perspective from artists

Fibonacci numbers are also known – elements of the sequence in which each subsequent number is equal to the sum of the two previous. They are named in honor of the medieval mathematician Leonardo Pisansky, known as Fibonacci. The reflection of these numbers was the golden spiral – the sequence of the United Quartes of the circles inside the squares with the parties equal to the numbers of Fibonacci. Simply put, if you designate the main elements in the picture and divide the web for rectangles, you can see: usually the figures are placed in such a way that the main contrasts and elements are on the edges of the rectangle. By the way, "Mona Lisa" Leonardo da Vinci is an excellent example of how gold spiral works.

Since we read any image from left to right, it is logical when the Golden Spiral goes from the left left corner. Next, it is spinning on the shoulder, envelopes the face, resulting in a harmonious composition.

The choice of artists and photographers is due to a minimum of two reasons. First, the left half of the face seems to us more dynamic from what is managed by the right hemisphere. Remember myth that the left hemisphere is responsible for logic, and the right – for emotions? In fact, everything is much more complicated, but some are trying to better convey the character of the model.

Secondly, the left side of the face is often more photogenic than the right. We noticed that the scars and usually more wrinkles are more often? It is believed that if the man is right, its right side of the face is involved in life. The most banal example: it is more often relied on the hand of the right cheek than the left.

We tend to hide disadvantages

There are reasons and models. First of all, most people are right-handers. And body mechanics makes the most comfortable left turn. Moreover, leading are not only hands, but also eyes. And most often it turns out to be left. And we tend to turn to the side that sees better. Finally, from the point of view of psychology, we often see themselves right. Therefore, if a person has internal conflicts, the perception of the dissatisfied "I" is directed to the right side. No wonder to capture the left, good.

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