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Lappeenranta (Lappeenranta, there are obsolete writing options for Leppenranta and Lapeyenranta) – the most popular tourist city, lying on the southern shore of Lake Saima, just 20 km in a straight line from the our-Finnish border (on the road – 25-27 km). Its location gives a lot of advantages – almost half of the tourist flow from our country either through Lappenranta or near her. And beautiful nature – first of all, the Islands of the Islands Symenskaya Lake System and the beautiful Siemet Canal – served in recent years a powerful incentive in the development of active types of recreation and ecological tourism.

  • Pleasure boats from the port of Lappeenranta
  • Streets of the modern part of the city
  • Boats built at the beginning of the last century, at the pier in Lappeenran
  • Berega Saimen Canal

Settlements of people at this place existed before the time of the century. However, a more or less large settlement was formed in these parts only by the middle of the XVI century – the first mention of the Lapwes, Lapvesi market location (Lapwesi) is found in the Swedish chronicles from 1542. In 1649, the Swedish Queen of Christina gives the settlement of the official status, and in 1652 this largest trading center for the resin and fish receives the city rights. Between 1721 and 1743 Lappenranta (however, in those days she wore the Swedish name Wilmanstrand, which can be translated as "Wild coast" or "Saviar coast" – Hence the figure on the coat of arms of the city) was the capital of the areas of Kymmenegard – Savonlinna and one of the main outposts of the Swedes on the border with Russia. After entering Finland to the our Empire, this county city of Already Vyborg province receives a powerful impetus for development in the form of a gasket of the shipping Saimaan Kanava, having linked Lake with the cities of Lappenranta, Kuopio, Joens and Savonlinna with the Finnish Bay. Now Lappenranta can offer its guests huge expanses of Lake Saima with its wooded islands and beautiful fishing, many historical monuments and museums, saunas, sports complexes, beautiful cooking, as well as a whole network of all kinds of cottages for relaxing in nature.

  • Kotasaari island in the vicinity of Lappenrants
  • View of the center of Lappenranta by Lake Saima
  • Railway bridge over Saimen Channel
  • Port of the city at night


Lappenranta Business Card – Fortress Linutu, lying on a small peninsula between the shore and the island of Pikisari in the southern part of the city. Its construction began in 1720 under the guidance of German fortifies and was considered as part of the belt of strengthening the eastern borders of Sweden, which also included Suomenlinna in Helsinki and Hamina (it is interesting that the garrison of the fortress in the XVIII century almost twice the number of residents of the city). After a series of battles, the fortress goes into the hands of our troops, in the 1740s strengthening expands, and in the harbor is based Siemena Flotilla. By 1803, when Emperor Alexander I visited the city, the fortress was already a very impressive strengthening at the time, but for just a decade, she completely lost its strategic importance and was subsequently used as a prison. It is precisely the lack of important military facilities made it possible to avoid its destruction during the winter and Second World War, so this unique complex has reached our days, which only contributed to a thorough restoration of the 1980s.

  • Guns in Linutus Fortress
  • Southern Gate Fortress
  • Memorial in honor of the battle 1741  G. On the territory of the fortress
  • Wooden houses in the fortress

Now this is the most popular tourist object, in which there are several museums, theater and a family playground. In the summer months, all sorts of entertainment activities are held in the fortress, and the museums located here can be visited by a single ticket (the cost of 8 euros 50 cents, in winter – 0.5-4 euros). Also in the summer period, the strengths of the fortress are circulating with horse dragoon connectors in historical uniform.

Within the fortress of Linutus, there are several interesting collections at once. In the northern part of the fortifications is Museum of South Karelia, occupying several stone buildings of the XIX century. His meeting tells about the history, culture and crafts of the region and consists of two permanent exhibitions, as well as a series of temporary exhibitions dedicated to the South Karelia region, Karelian Isthmus and Vyborg. The main decoration of the collection is huge (24 square meters!) Vyborg layout as of 1939. For young visitors, special routes are arranged and children’s rooms are equipped, there is a museum store in which you can purchase exhibition catalogs, souvenirs, postal cards, sloant, decorations and various toys.

  • Museum of South Karelia
  • Art Museum of South Karelia
  • Museum of Cavalry
  • Interior Vihrea Makasiini

Art Museum of South Karelia ETELA-KARJALAN TAIDEMUSEO) is also located in the complex of the Old Artillery Warehouse and Kazarm (1798 g.) Linutus fortresses. Here is the exhibition of works by the masters of the South and Eastern part of Finland since the middle of the XIX century and to the present day, a collection of contemporary art, somewhat constantly replacing each other meetings, and regular exit exhibitions are arranged. South south (Kristiinankatu, 6) is the exhibition hall Vihrea Makasiini.

And in the cavalry barracks of red brick and guard room on Dragoon hill (Racunamyaki) is located Museum of Cavalry, telling about the stages of the development and traditions of this kind of troops starting from the XVII century. Here are presented a variety of exhibits, ranging from vintage engravings and documents and ending with genuine clothing and uniforms, weapons and ammunition. The focus is paid to those cavalry parts, which at different times were based in Lappenrant.

Around the fortress shafts broken historical a park.

Just in the quarter of the South Fortress (Mannerheiminkatu, 1) rises a red-winch Church of Lappenranta, Located in 1913 as Kirya located here by the 20th Dragun Finnish Regiment, as well as as a monument to the 300th anniversary of the house of Romanov. But after finding Finland independence, the building was rebuilt under the Lutheran Temple (consecrated in 1925.) Therefore, in his appearance, the obvious features of the mixing of the original non -ovitantine and classical styles – the characteristic Orthodox five domes are complemented by ascetic, but a very elegant internal interior, which have long become one of the sights of the city. The church operating in the summer period is open on weekdays from 11:00 to 17:00.

  • Lappeenrannan Kirkko
  • Pokrovskaya Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Lutheran Church of the Virgin Mary
  • City of Finland Lappenranta
  • Bell Tower of the Church of the Virgin Mary

And in four quarters to the southeast (Kirkkokatu, 11), surrounded by a small park, is wooden Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin (Lappeen Marian Kirkko) – the oldest Orthodox Church of Finland, built in 1785-1794 in the characteristic northern neoclassical style. Its unique for the region layout in the form of a double cross and turrets with a vane, exquisite-modest interiors and a characteristic separately standing four-storey bell tower (1856 g.) Make the complex the most popular tourist object – here, by the way, the guests from Russia are very loved. In addition, only 100 meters west on Kauppakatu Street is located and one of the most popular symbolic objects of the city – Cute Monument to Shanmen Nerpe – One of the symbols of South Karelia and the city itself.

Halfway between the fortress and the church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin, not far from Town Hall (KuupPakatu, 26) is one of the oldest preserved in the Lappenrant of wooden buildings, now given under House-Museum of Volkov. Built by a female clause in 1826, in 1872 it was redeemed by the our merchant Ivan Volkov and then more than a century served as the main residence of this trading dynasty. In 1986, the heirs were transferred to the complex to the city, and now there is now organized exhibition space, telling both the history of this our merchant and the development of the city and the region as such.

  • Town Hall Building
  • Museum of Saimena Canal
  • House-Museum of Volkov
  • Monument to Shanmen Nerpe

In the eastern part of the city (Keskuskatu, 1) you can find a modern building of the church Lauritsalan Kirkko ("sky light"), built in 1969 in the form of a spilling tent or tent. In the summer it is open to everyone, all sorts of cultural events are regularly held here. And in the western part of Lappenranta, in the middle of the Sammonlach region a little north of the airfield, even more modernly red-friendly building of the church rises Sammonlahden kirkko (Sometimes it is called according to the first parts of the anthem Virvoittavien Vetten Tyko, "To the waters of Tikhim"), consecrated in 1992 specifically for the needs of traveling.

Lovers of contemporary art can visit Gallery Pihatto (Valtakatu, 80), fans of folk crafts like the exhibitions of applied art in Gallery "Laura" Opposite the Museum of Volkov. Many interesting expositions represent the center of the photograph of South-Eastern Finland (Snellmaninkatu, 13-a), will also be interesting Museum of Saimena Canal, Located in a picturesque place between the most advised transport artery and historical park in the eastern part of the city (Sulkuvartijankatu, 16).

And interested in technique will be not essential Karelian Aviation Museum (Karjalan ilmailumuseo, www.karjalanilmailumuseo.Fi) located on the territory of the local airfield. Despite its relatively small sizes, it is one of the best museums of this kind in Finland, since most of the exhibits were transferred to him by national Air Force practically in perfect condition. In addition to the Soviet MiG-21 and Swedish Saab, helicopters and elements of weapons systems, there are many thematic finds found in the field of battles, including fragments of the Sat-2 Sat-2 bombarder, British Brittle Blenheim and German Junkers JU.88, as well as the pearl collection – Replica NIEUPORT 17 of the First World Warrant – the first fighter of the Finnish Air Force. All tours of the museum conducts an experienced guide, which will take not only about the history of the airport, but also about each specific exhibit many interesting details. In the summer there is a museum shop.

  • Lappenranta Airport
  • Exposition of the Karelian Aviation Museum
  • MiG-21 at the Aviation Museum
  • Pearl Collection – Replica NIEUPORT 17

Lappenranta lying in the heart (Valtakatu, 56) City Theater and the only city symphony orchestra in South Karelia (founded in 1909). Here, every year in the last weekend, there are already traditional gala ballet representations.

Every year on the shores of Saimensky, the lake is condensed from the sand castle Hiekkalinna, Surrounded by different figures from the same material (for this, there are already 180 trucks with source material!). The plots for which fortress and figures are being built, every year they change, and the event itself collects thousands of guests of the city. On Lappee hippodrome About 20 competitions in equestrian runs are held every year, and located here Restaurant Rakuuna ("Dragoon") is a popular holiday destination at any time. By the way, many companies in the region offer quality riding services that provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy the nature of the southeastern part of Finland in the most ecological form.

In the center of Lappenranta there is a first-class marina for yachts and boats, as well as the port, from where cruises are sent to the most beautiful places Siemena Lake System. Additional information about the latter can be obtained on Karelia Lines organizer companies (WWW.karelialines.FI), SAIMAA TRAVEL (WWW.Saimaatravel.Fi), M / S Bell’s (WWW.MsbellsrisTeilyt.FI) and SAIMAAN RISTEILYT (

  • City Theater
  • Castle Hiekkalinna in 2011
  • Harbor Lappenranta
  • Flowpark laptpeenranta

In addition, you can relax in the rope fleet of entertainment Flowpark laptpeenranta, Located in the recreation area MyllySaari, Having held the entire picturesque Peninsula Mulusari in the eastern part of Marina. There are 4 high-altitude highways of varying degrees of difficulty, a cafe works, there is an outdoor pool and sauna.

Beaches in Lappenranta

In good weather you can swim and sunbathe on the beaches Mullyusari (MyllySaari), Corkytechdas (Korkkitehdas) and Kushmyaki (Kuusimaki, "Sixth Gorka") – both lie literally at 300-400 meters north of the airfield, SAMMONLAHTI SAMMONLAHTI, "Sampling Bay", 300 meters west runway), Tustermeni (Tyysterniemi, 1 km northwest fortress), Washalmi Voisalmi, "Oil strait", another kilometer north), Khincanman (HINKANRANTA), Valcamanranta (Valkamanranta, 3 km southwest village Raug) and on the shore of a small lake Akhvenlamp (Ahvenlampi) 17 km northeastern Lappenranta. Also quite good shores are on the island Kivisalmi (Kivisalmi, less than 2 km north of the city center). The sandy strip of most of them is very narrow, but nearby green lawns are supported according to almost in perfect condition, and the purity of local waters can not be questioned at all. In addition, small things are often built, but very cozy saunas complexes.

And in total in a kilometer south-west of the beach Mullyusari, Practically in the city center, there is a first-class spa complex Lappeenrannan Kylpyla (Ainonkatu, 17, who has been more than a hundred years.

Around Lappenranta

On the way from Lappenranta to Imatru, 4 km east of the village of Yautseno (Joutseno), spread the amusement park Korpikeidas ("Pets forest", www.Korpikeidas.Fi, area – 4 hectares), where you can get acquainted with the life of the most ordinary rural inhabitants, ride horses, jump on trampolis in the forest and polit trout in a special pond on the territory of the farm for the breeding of this fish.

Rope Amusement Park Atreenalin Saimaa (www.Atreenalin.Fi) can be found 30 km north-east of Lappenranta, in a small village Rauha (Rauha, in fact, this is already a suburb of Imatra). Its decoration is 5 tracks with altitudes from 1.6 to 14 meters – Discovery, Family 1 and Family 2 are suitable for a family holiday, and for professionals there are Adventure and Sport routes. Interestingly, Finnish fleets of entertainment of this kind work all year round.

Nearby there is a new resort complex Holiday Club Saimaa With beautiful water park, sauna complex and spa.

Ten kilometers from the our-Finnish border and approximately 30 km south of Lappenranta is located Yulia – The place of production of a beautiful gems of spectrolitic. There is a museum in the village, fairs and master classes are held in the summer months.

Also in close proximity to the city runs defensive Line Salp (Salpalinja, Suomen Salpa) – a long series of fortification structures built after the winter war of 1939-1940 to protect against the attack by the USSR. Less known than the notorious line Mannerheim, nevertheless, was strengthened much stronger than the last and stretched at 1200 kilometers from the Gulf of Finland Petsamo – that is, through the whole country from the south to the north. In combat actions, she did not participate, so numerous dots and caponies were preserved here much better and serve as a permanent place of attraction for those interested in military history. South Lappenranta is just a maximum concentration of all kinds of structures, because the interest of the guests to this object does not weaken. And 6 km west of town Meihikkäl (Miehikkala, 50 km south of Lappenranta) In 1987, a museum was opened Lines salp (Salpalinja-Museo), which includes, besides directly military exposure, part of which is located in the open sky right on old positions, collections Engineering Museum, Museum of bunkers and information center.

Symenskaya system lakes

Right from the city center you can go to the picturesque Byamensky Canal, falling into the lake in the northeast suburb Lauritsala. Since 1856, this man-made and very picturesque water route with a length of 43 km with 8 gateways links the lake Saima and cities Lappenranta, Kuopio, Joensu and Savonlinna with the Gulf of Finland, and in 1968 it was thoroughly modernized. On the channel you can go under the sail or on the kayak, visit the city adjacent to him during a two-hour mini-cruise on a boat, and the area of ​​the waterfront forest area serves as a popular vacation spot near the water – several carefully well-groomed and marked pedestrian and cycling routes are laid here.

Tourist information

City Information Tourist Office Lappenranta (Lappeenranta Tourist Service, WWW.VisitlapaPeenRanta.Fi) is located at Valtakatu, 37 – literally across the road from the Lutheran Church of the Virgin Mary (Lappeen Marian Kirkko). It works from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:30, on Saturdays – from 10:00 to 14:00, Phone: +358 (5) 667-788.

Here you can take a map of the city (it is also offered for free in specialized automata, hotels and shops of the city), all kinds of booklets and guidebooks, including in our, to get detailed information about the excursions and festive events, the work of the museums and trade points of the city.

Hotels in Lapenrante

The city has several network hotels and private hotels. A campsite is working in a pair of kilometers from the city center, in which you can live not only in tents and crepers, but also in wooden houses.

Transport in Lappenranta

Lappenranta is a popular port on Symen Lakes. Cruise routes go not only inside Finland, but also in Vyborg – Byamensky Canal.

Lappenranta passes the track from Helsinki in Sank Petersburg (the nearest border point – Nuijamaa).

There is a railway station in the city, the train from Helsinki goes 2-2.5 hours.

  • Railway station Lappenranta

Bus service connects Lappenranta with Helsinki, Jyvaskyul, Cupola, Joens, Kott, Mikkel, Porvo and Imatra. There are buses and in St. Petersburg.

2 km from the city there is airport, which flights low-budget airlines. There are flights to Riga, Dusseldorf, Charleroa, Bergamo and DR.


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