Cities in Finland: Jyvaskyul

Jyvaskyul (Jyv&# 228; Skyl&# 228;) – University city in the central part of Finland.

The city is considered to be in Finland one of the most adapted for cycling. Main attractions can be viewed by moving on foot. But those who will gather to inspect the ecological park on the River Toruyoki, located immediately outside the city center, the bike will come in handy.

In the Museum of Arts of Jyväskyl, the Museum of the Needlework Finland and the Museum of Central Finland, the entrance on Fridays is free.

In Jyväskul, a large number of architectural works of Alvara Aalto. These include the city theater building, several faculties of the University of Jyvaskyul, as well as directly the Museum of Alvara Aalto.

Another park is broken on Hill Harw, and his tower with a restaurant and a museum of natural sciences crowned.

In good weather, residents and guests of the city spend time on numerous beaches on the shores of the surrounding lakes and rivers.

In Jyväskyl, there is a small airport, as well as railway and auto-railway stations.

City of Finland Jyväskyulyu


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