Fest City in Morocco: Mosque and Attractions

Everything, probably, know such a headdress as "Fez" or "Feska". It was invented in Morocco, in the city of Fez, although in Turkey it is very popular and directly associated with this country.

The city of Fez in Morocco can be compared with Chard to the UAE or St. Petersburg in Russia. This is the cultural and spiritual capital of the country. This is the city of mosques, minarets and madrasa.

It is here that the most ancient Al-Kauine University in the world is located. It was founded since 859, and since then has been producing theologists and philosophers who brought much new in the culture of Islam and the whole world.

It is worth noting that the traditional Islamic culture of higher education is very different about those customs that we used to see now. In European civilization we are accustomed to the "conveyor" in higher education. Large audiences and one lecturer on 100 students. In Islamic educational institutions, the bet did on the mutual dialogue of the mentor and the student.

The city of FES was founded about 800 at the Sultan Idrisid Dynasty. Under the next dynasty of Almoravid, the FES became the capital of all Morocco. It was the largest city in the region and one of the largest in the Islamic world. Soon he lost his status status, and acquired it again in the 15th century. In the best years he was called "Africa Africa" ​​or "Mecca of the West".

The city does not have access to the sea and there are no beach resorts here. He is rather interesting to tourists from the point of view of excursions and attractions.

City of Fez in Morocco Mosque and Attractions

Fez is famous for its two media (part of the city, an obsession). This is due to the fact that the modern city appeared as a result of the merger of two cities of antiquity. The first one was called FES, and the second was named al-Alia.

In addition to madrasas, in Fez, you can see the tomb of Sultan Idris II, which founded the city. For a long time she was abandoned, but in the 15th century it was restored and since then, many tourists and pilgrims are visited by.

In general, a visit to Fez will not be as interesting to a simple tourist, since most of the sights of the city are religious. Inside the mosques let only Muslims, and see all the most interesting for a simple our tourist it will be impossible.

We recommend to make a day trip to Fez to just enjoy the beauty of the local architecture, look at the Moorish style buildings and decoration of buildings. This will be enough enough to get good impressions.

City of Fez in Morocco Mosque and Attractions

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