Cities of Italy: Trento

The capital of the Trento region (Trento; Trent) lies in its southern part, in the southern spurs of the Dolomites Alps. The wide Glacier Valley of the Adige River in this place seems to be broken from the hugs of the mountains on the expanse of hilly regions "Lake edge Italy".

The history of the city is lost in centuries, but it is just known that already in IV in. to N. NS. At this place there was a Gallic settlement captured by the Romans at the end of I in. to N. NS. Trento consistently was part of the kingdoms of sharp, Langobards, francs, the sacred Roman Empire, and in 1027 he received the status of a sovereign state. In the XVI B. The city becomes the venue for the famous Thirtent Cathedral, from which the period of counter-processing is made, and in the XIX century, after liberation from the French occupation, departs to Austria. Then more than once, this is an important strategic attitude, the place is charged under the control of Bavaria, then Austria is returned again, and during both world wars the neighborhood of the city becomes the arena of fierce fighting. Only in the middle of the 20th century, when the region passes again under the control of Italy and receives autonomy, its rapid development begins as a popular tourist destination, famous for its architecture and beauties of the surrounding landscape.


In the guise of Trento, the traditions of Italian and German cultures are clearly combined, and its small historical center, despite numerous restorations, retained the spirit of Italian rebirth with its pastel flowers and wooden balconies, and the style of German Gothic with her raising winds and arched windows. The main attractions of the city include fragments of villas and roads of the ancient Rod Trident, lock Castello del Buonconsilo (XIII-XIV BB., Nowadays, the National Museum is located here) with a majestic tower Torre del Aquila and urban fortress walls (XIII centuries.), San Vihilio Cathedral (XII-XIII centuries.) and the area adjacent to it Piazza-Duomo with her beautiful mansions and fountain "Neptune" (1767-1768.) in the middle, as well as the palace Palazzo Pretorio (XII B., Now here is the Museum of Church Painting) on ​​Piazza-Duomo. Among churches are interesting Santa Maria Maggiore (1520 g., Venue of the first meetings of the Tident Cathedral), San Pietro (XII-XVIII centuries.), Sant Appolinar (XII B.) and Sant Lorenzo (XII B.). It is worth seeing the tower Torre Verde, Palaces Palazzo-Delle Albera (Now there is a museum of contemporary art), Palazzo-Salvadori (1515 g.), Palazzo Jeremia (XV B.) and Palazzo-Lodron, as well as building Railway Station (1934-1936., One of the best samples of Italian modernism).

In addition to the museums already mentioned in ancient buildings, deserve attention Museum of Aeronautics named after Gianni Caprony Near the city’s airport, Museum of Natural History, Piano Museum, Museum of mountainism and even Museum of Copper Utensility.

Around the city

Not far from Trento, in the city of Rovereto, there is a futuristic building Museum of Modern Art Trento and Rovereto (Mart, end xx in.). And in San Michele al-Adige settled Museum of customs and traditions, dedicated to the culture of peoples Trentino.

The surroundings of Trento are widely known as beautiful mountain landscapes and are the most popular zone of summer and winter tourism. Alpine Botanical Garden, located on Mount Monte Bondone near Town La Viotte, was founded in 1938 and is considered to be the first fleet of this kind in Italy. Many of the most interesting castles are scattered throughout the mountains, among which such famous complexes like a bellow-and-Castello di Sabionar (XIV in.) Near Avio, Shennyko in Val Guidikaria, Rocca Di-Arco in Val del Sark Valley, Castel Pietre in Val di Fiemma, Castel San Pietro, Di Castellalto, Ivano, Talvana, Selva and Perdzhina In the valley of Val di Simra, Toblino on the shore of the lake of the same name, as well as the huge fortress Belvedere (GCHVENT) in Lavarone.

But the main concentration of the ancient fortresses are valleys Val Adige and Val Lagarin – The main trading path between the Apennine Peninsula and Central Europe. Here you can see such wonderful fortresses of the X-XII centuries, like Firmian and Saint-Gottardo in Medzocorrel; Castello di Montreal in San Michele Al-Adige; Torre del Aquila, Torre del Falkko, Torre del Veskovia, Torre Chivik, Torre della Tromba, Torre Verde and Torre Vangang around Trento; Torre dei-Jiioni in Will-Vilasano; Castell-Bagnaman in Basenello, Castel Pietra in Calyano, Castel Noarna in the town of the same name, Castello and Castel-Dante in Rovereto; Castel Albano in Mori and Castello di Sabionar in Avio (total in Trentino – Alto Adige has more than three hundred ancient castles, fortresses and single watchtowers).

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Cities of Italy Trento

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Cities of Italy Trento

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